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Grey You is the Spring 2022 special challenge path, introduced on February 15, 2022. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Resistance is goo-tile."


  • You cannot consume things to gain Adventures, instead you absorb the item you attempt to consume.
    • "You absorb the...."
    • Your maximum HP and MP are not tied to Muscle and Mysticality, respectively. Instead, absorbing food grants you +2 maximum HP, booze gives you +2 maximum MP, and spleen items give you +1 maximum HP and +1 maximum MP. You do not gain stats, adventures, a consumption record, or anything else by absorbing consumables (e.g. you will not gain Breathitin™ charges). Absorbing muffins and other valuables will destroy them! However, eating black pudding can still cause a combat encounter.
      • Although you cannot normally consume food, booze, or spleen items, you still have the normal 14 liver. Dungeons of Doom potions can still increase your drunkenness, and will not send you to Drunken Stupor until you exceed the normal 14/14 drunkenness.
    • Each item can only be absorbed once in a Grey Goo lifetime. "You've already absorbed this pattern of atoms."
  • You cannot consume things from NPC stores, such as Chez Snootée or the Hobo Marketplace, or through non-standard consumption, such as sushi:
    • You are too gooey to eat here!
    • You roll up some delicious sushi, and then remember that you've chosen to forsake food during this lifetime. You unroll it and put the ingredients away.
  • Instead, adventure generation is mostly gained through monster absorptions (see below)
  • Upon freeing King Ralph you must choose a class. Your stats are set to 0, meaning that you will be level 1 after completing the challenge run. In addition, you will gain <max capacity> to fullness, drunkenness, and spleen, also if you have more than 40 adventures remaining, you will be reduced to 40.
    • If you gained any amount of fullness/drunkenness/spleen during the run, those numbers are remembered, allowing you to become overfull or falling-down drunk, etc.

Monster Absorptions

You have no mainstat, and the mechanics of stat gain have changed.

  • You do not gain experience from other sources, including consumables, usable items (like Baseball), combat encounters, non-combat adventures (such as That's a Tidy Bowl, Man! or The Institute for Canadian Studies) or The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency.
  • After winning a combat against a monster your nanites will automatically absorb the remains of your opponent (not to be confused with food/booze/spleen absorptions)
  • Most monsters give +1 full stats to Muscle, Mystically, or Moxie
  • Some monsters have give unique effects the first time they are absorbed per ascension (adventures, more stats, hp/mp)
    • The Grey Goose familiar lets you Re-Process Matter to absorb a select monster a second time in an ascension, providing the same unique benefit twice.
Click expand/collapse on the right to show/hide the table showing unique aborptions for adventure gains. (currently WIP)
Unique Absorbs -- Adventures
+5 Adventures
albino bat Zone
batrat Zone
dire pigeon Zone
G imp Zone(s)
gingerbread murderer Zone
grave rober Zone
irate mariachi Zone
Knob Goblin Bean Counter Zone
Knob Goblin Madam Zone
Knob Goblin Master Chef Zone
L imp Zone(s)
magical fruit bat Zone
P imp Zone(s)
plastered frat orc Zone
swarm of Knob lice Zone
swarm of skulls Zone
W imp Zone(s)
warwelf Zone
+7 Adventures
animated rustic nightstand Zone
basic lihc Zone(s)
Battlie Knight Ghost Zone
Booze Giant Zone
Bubblemint Twins Zone
CH Imp Zone
chalkdust wraith Zone
cloud of disembodied whiskers Zone
eXtreme Orcish snowboarder Zone
gluttonous ghuol Zone(s)
Grass Elemental Zone
grave rober zmobie Zone(s)
guy with a pitchfork, and his wife Zone
junksprite sharpener Zone
Knob Goblin Very Mad Scientist Zone
model skeleton Zone
Ninja Snowman Janitor Zone
oil baron Zone
party skelteon Zone(s)
possessed silverware drawer Zone
possessed toy chest Zone
revolving bugbear Zone
sabre-toothed goat Zone
serialbus Zone
sheet ghost Zone
skeletal hamster Zone
smut orc pipelayer Zone
swarm of killer bees Zone
tapdancing skeleton Zone
toilet papergeist Zone
upgraded ram Zone
vicious gnauga Zone
whitesnake Zone
+10 Adventures
1335 HaXx0r Zone
Alphabet Giant Zone
black magic woman Zone
blur Zone
Bob Racecar Zone
coaltergeist Zone
fleet woodsman Zone
Iiti Kitty Zone
Irritating Series of Random Encounters Zone
Little Man in the Canoe Zone
mad wino Zone
Mob Penguin Capo Zone
One-Eyed Willie Zone
pygmy blowgunner Zone
pygmy headhunter Zone
pygmy orderlies Zone
pygmy shaman Zone
Racecar Bob Zone
Raver Giant Zone
Renaissance Giant Zone
swarm of fire ants Zone
tomb asp Zone
Click expand/collapse on the right to show/hide the table showing unique aborptions for stat gains. (currently WIP)


  • You start with only one path specific skill: Pseudopod Slap
    • Further skills are gained by post combat absorption.
    • Non-goo skills are not accessible, and you can't use skillbooks such as the Emotion chip. ("This is not how grey goo acquires knowledge.")

Skills in Grey You are gained by defeating certain monsters. There are 63 in total numbered 27000 -27062.

Name Type Description Source
Pseudopod Slap Combat Deals 10 damage (1 MP) Starting skill
Hardslab Combat Deal your Muscle in physical damage. (1 MP) Remaindered skeleton
Telekinetic Murder Combat Deal your Mysticality in physical damage (1 MP) Crêep
Snakesmack Combat Deal your Moxie in physical damage (1 MP) Sewer snake with a sewer snake in it
Ire Proof Passive Serious Hot Resistance (+3) Raging bull
Nanofur Passive Serious Cold Resistance (+3) Ratbat
Autovampirism Routines Passive Serious Spooky Resistance (+3) Spooky vampire
Conifer Polymers Passive Serious Stench Resistance (+3) Pine bat
Anti-Sleaze Recursion Passive Serious Sleaze Resistance (+3) werecougar (formerly creepy clown)
Microburner Passive +5 Hot Damage Cobb's Knob oven
Cryocurrency Passive +5 Cold Damage Knob Goblin MBA
Curses Library Passive +5 Spooky Damage Lihc
Exhaust Tubules Passive +5 Stench Damage Beanbat
Camp Subroutines Passive +5 Sleaze Damage Knob Goblin Harem Girl
Grey Noise Combat Deals 5 damage plus any bonus elemental damage you have (3 MP) Boss Bat
Advanced Exo-Alloy Passive Damage Absorption +100 Knob Goblin Elite Guard
Localized Vacuum Passive So-So Hot Resistance (+2) Cubist bull
Microweave Passive So-So Cold Resistance (+2) eXtreme cross-country hippy
Ectogenesis Passive So-So Spooky Resistance (+2) Claybender Sorcerer Ghost
Clammy Microcilia Passive So-So Stench Resistance (+2) Malevolent hair clog
Lubricant Layer Passive So-So Sleaze Resistance (+2) Oil slick
Infernal Automata Passive +10 Hot Damage Demonic icebox
Cooling Tubules Passive +10 Cold Damage Ninja Snowman Weaponmaster
Ominous Substrate Passive +10 Spooky Damage Animated ornate nightstand
Secondary Fermentation Passive +10 Stench Damage Drunk goat
Procgen Ribaldry Passive +10 Sleaze Damage Smut orc screwer
Solid Fuel Passive +10 Adventure(s) per day Knob Goblin Alchemist
Autochrony Passive +10 Adventure(s) per day Zombie waltzers
Temporal Hyperextension Passive +10 Adventure(s) per day Pr Imp
Propagation Drive Passive +20% Item Drops from Monsters Junksprite bender
Financial Spreadsheets Passive +40% Meat from Monsters me4t begZ0r
Phase Shift Noncombat Gives Effect: Shifted Phase (10 Adventures)
Monsters will be much less attracted to you (50 MP)
Spectral Jellyfish
Piezoelectric Honk Noncombat Gives Effect: Hooooooooonk!
(10 Adventures)
Monsters will be much more attracted to you (50 MP)
White lion
Overclocking Passive +X% Combat Initiative (Scales with your Muscle) Big Wheelin' Twins
Subatomic Hardening Passive Damage Reduction: X (Scales with your Muscle) Pooltergeist
Gravitational Compression Passive +Y% Item Drops from Monsters (Scales with your Mysticality) Suckubus
Hivemindedness Passive Regenerate Y MP per Adventure (Scales with your Mysticality) Mind flayer
Ponzi Apparatus Passive +Z% Meat from Monsters (Scales with your Moxie) Anglerbush
Fluid Dynamics Simulation Passive Regenerate 8 HP per Adventure (Scales with your Moxie) Carnivorous Moxie Weed
Nantlers Combat Deals your Muscle in damage (includes bonus damage) (5 MP) Stuffed moose head
Nanoshock Combat Deals your Mysticality in damage (includes bonus damage) (5 MP) Jacob's adder
Audioclasm Combat Deals your Moxie in damage (includes bonus damage) (5 MP) Spooky music box
System Sweep Combat Deal your Muscle in physical damage
If this defeats the enemy, it is banished for the rest of the day (20 MP)
Pygmy janitor
Double Nanovision Combat Deal your Mysticality in physical damage
If this defeats the enemy, get +100% item drops for this fight (20 MP)
Drunk pygmy
Infinite Loop Combat Deal your Moxie in physical damage
If this defeats the enemy, you gain 1 muscle, mysticality and moxie (20 MP)
Pygmy witch lawyer
Photonic Shroud Noncombat Gives Effect: Darkened Photons (10 Adventures)
Monsters will be much less attracted to you (40 MP)
Black panther
Unused Combat Selfbuff
Steam Mycelia Passive +15 Hot Damage Steam elemental
Snow-Cooling System Passive +15 Cold Damage Snow Queen
Legacy Code Passive +15 Spooky Damage Possessed wine rack
AUTOEXEC.BAT Passive +15 Stench Damage Flock of Stab-bats
Innuendo Circuitry Passive +15 Sleaze Damage Astronomer
Subatomic Tango Passive +15 Adventure(s) per day Fan dancer
Extra Innings Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day baseball bat
Reloading Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day Bullet Bill
Harried Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day rushing bum
Temporal Bent Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day undead elbow macaroni
Provably Efficient Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day Sub-Assistant Knob Mad Scientist
Basic Improvements Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day BASIC Elemental
Shifted About Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day shifty pirate
Spooky Veins Passive +10 Adventure(s) per day ghost miner
Seven Foot Feelings Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day dopey 7-Foot Dwarf
Self-Actualized Passive +5 Adventure(s) per day banshee librarian

Skill progression

Each normal (softcore) Grey You ascension increases your initial stats by 1 each and your maximum HP and MP by 3. Each hardcore Grey You grants twice those values. Stat progression is maxed out at 11 runs, capping at 11 stats and 33 HP/MP.


  • Grey Goo can't be accepted into any of the guilds. You will not be able to use a guild to unlock any quests or areas.
  • Grey Goo cannot enter The Sea. Clicking An Old Man gives the following message:
That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.
  • Standard restrictions applied while Grey You was the current challenge path. These restrictions were lifted on May 15, 2022.


See The Council of Loathing/Grey You


Breadth-first traversal; one-time adventure absorptions await in most zones, so roaming far and wide is the key to early turngen (and early class skill acquisition).

Early access to higher level zones is useful for learning the more powerful and useful skills. The Infinite Loop skill will enable quick levelling and is attainable early on by using the combat lover's locket or other wishing mechanic. If it is within means, it may also pay to spit on and yellow ray the pygmy for essentially 4 free pygmy fights in the form of writs of habeas corpus.

The lack of hero key generation (other than dungeon) means that alternative methods of key acquisition may need to be employed for sub 3-day runs. Possible methods include reminiscing a fantasy bandit and copying 4 additional for a fat loot token. Alternatively using the full-length mirror to chance a copy of zappable Vending Machine accessories.


  • A class tattoo is obtained when starting the path.
  • The corresponding hardcore tattoo exists but does not appear to be obtainable. This may be a bug.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold protozoa statuette each time they complete a run.
  • Finishing a Grey You run while it is the current special challenge path -- between February 15th, 2022, and May 15th, 2022-- gives players 50 (in Normal) or 100 (in Hardcore) extra karma points the next time they visit Valhalla.


  • Did not reward bonus karma until 23rd February 2022.
  • On 2022/02/25, ten new skills were added to the path and all adventure giving absorbs were changed via an announcement:
    • "The rewards of a handful of Grey You Challenge Path encounters have been altered: more +rollover adventure skills are now available, but instant turn yields are a bit lower on the high end."
    • Several monsters that used to give one-time adventure drops now gave skills that give rollover adventures
    • Furthermore, the remaining adventure absorptions from monsters were changed from the categories 5,10,15, 20 to 5,7,10
  • Prior to 2022/05/21, completing a Grey You ascension did not set your organs to max capacity, allowing an exploity method of farming that involved scripting one-day runs that had 300+ extra adventures in addition to empty organs. It was fun while it lasted.
  • On 2022/07/01, it was no longer possible to use non-standard consumption methods to use organ space to gain adventures... for the Grey Goo challenge path, instead of Grey You. This was corrected on 2022/07/02.
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