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Were you looking for the Galloping Grill familiar?



Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 30

Jarlsberg knew that where there is smoke there is fire, and that where there is smoke and fire there is delicious barbecue.

Deals a Lot of Hot and Spooky Damage

Source: Jarlsberg's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Jarlsberg
Level: Path of Dinner 4
When Used:
Like some sort of demonic short-order cook, you summon a grill from the Netherworld to cook and terrify it for X (+Y) damage.

Rather than getting all up in your opponent's grill, you summon the Grill of the Damned to both terrify and burn it for X (+Y) damage.
You do a complicated series of gestures with your fingers. The smell of charred meat fills the air as the ground beneath your opponent becomes a grill, heavy with the grease of the souls of hamburgers long since grilled. It freaks out and suffers X (+Y) damage.
Rather than grill your opponent with questions, you grill them with a blast of heat straight from the bowels of Hey Deze, both horrifying and searing it for X (+Y) damage (and to seal the juices in).

You wave your hands in the air. The ground beneath your opponent heats up, and ominous smoke fills the area. It is simultaneously horrified and burnt, and suffers X (+Y) damage.


  • Rolls for Hot Damage and Spooky Damage separately.
  • Each elemental part does [40, 50] + (0.3*Mys) damage.
  • Critical hit chance is also rolled for each half separately.
  • If a critical hit is forced (e.g. with Throw Shield), only the Hot Damage half is forced critical; however, the Spooky Damage half may still roll a critical hit normally.
  • The damage caps are unusual:
    • The Hot Damage is capped at 150, regardless of MP spent.
    • The Spooky Damage is capped at 10x MP spent, like other Jarlsberg spells.