Grisly shield

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grisly shield
grisly shield

A grizzly shield is a big piece of wood designed to occupy the space between you and a bear. This is a grisly shield -- a chaotic mess of broken glass and twisted metal. It doesn't exactly scream "safety."

Type: off-hand item (shield)
Damage Reduction: 13
Muscle Required: 150
Cannot be traded or discarded

Slime Hates It
Weapon Damage +50
+5 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.

(In-game plural: grisly shields)
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Item number: 4080
Description ID: 924434870
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Hammer.gif slime-covered lantern caustic slime nodule
Equals.gif grisly shield


  • The "Slime Hates It" enchantment provides a bonus 15*N*(N+2) to Monster Level versus Slimes, maximum 1000, where N is the number of items equipped with this enchantment. This is the total bonus provided, not the bonus per item equipped. The villainous scythe counts as 2 pieces for this purpose, and bitterskin counts as 1.
  • This computes out as follows (note that the maximum is 8 items including the bitter pill stacking):
Number of items Monster Level increase
1 45
2 120
3 225
4 360
5 525
6 720
7 945
8 1000
  • Before May 1, 2012 this used to give 6 extra PvP fights.
  • Prior to 2017/03/15, this item had an autosell value of 4,000.

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