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Each character has access to a Guild Hall. There are three such Guild Halls, each corresponding to one of the three types of classes.

Guild Members

Each guild contains the following types of members:

More detail can be found on the individual guild pages. Only the guild leader will be available until you complete the trial of entry.

Joining a Guild

Guild Quests

The following quests are received from members of your guild:

Quest Stat Prerequisite Quest Prerequisites Questgiver
Bitchin' Meatcar Quest - - Paco
The Wizard of Ego Quest 11 - Other class rep
Legendary Epic Weapon Quest 12 - Friendly class rep
 The Dark and Dank and Sinister Cave 23 Made Legendary weapon Friendly class rep
 White Citadel Quest 34 Completed meatcar Paco
 Me and My Nemesis 90 Killed the fourth assassin Friendly class rep
 Dwarven Factory Quest 100 Found the White Citadel Paco


Looks like the guild leaders closed up shop when the bombs fell. That's a shame -- the Adventurers of Loathing are going to need all the help they can get in the dark days to come.
  • Until August 15, 2012, the League of Chef-Magi had the following image: