Haiku katana

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haiku katana
haiku katana
delivers unto your foes
poetic justice

Type: weapon (1-handed sword)
Damage: 10 - 20
Cannot be discarded

+15% Muscle
Weapon Damage +50%
+5% chance of Critical Hit
Allows use of seasonal attacks

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: haiku katana)
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Item number: 3466
Description ID: 261469707
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Poetry bug you?
Prefer prose over haiku?
Then go to this page.
  • September 08's
    "Monthly Special". To buy one
    costs one Mr. A.
  • While in Mr. Store,
    this is Mr. Shopkeeper's
    item description:
    Crush your enemies,
    perform seasonal attacks,
    tranquilize your mind.
  • While holding this sword,
    five combat skills are granted,
    four of them seasons.
  • Each katana skill
    except Spring Raindrop Attack
    uses 10MP.
  • Spring Raindrop Attack
    uses absolutely no
    MP to employ.
  • Of four "season" skills,
    using one removes the rest
    until the next fight.
  • Wield two katana
    and you get to use two skills,
    or the same skill twice.
  • The 17 Cuts
    is unusable under
    Haiku State of Mind.
  • Originally
    did not yield extra muscle
    or melee damage.


  • The katana name,
    combined with its description,
    forms a new haiku.
  • The five sword skill names
    refer to haiku's kigo
    and to mora count.
  • This item's plural
    is just "haiku katana,"
    just like in Japan.

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