Hallowiener Dog

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Your Hallowiener Dog follows you around the Kingdom after you install a haunted doghouse in your campsite.

A Dog noncombat (which does not cost a turn) will show up in each zone after approximately 5, then 20, then 50 combats in that zone. Free fights do not advance this counter. If there is a special adventure listed in the table above for the zone, then it is encountered; otherwise, the default Dog adventures are:

Once a player has fought 50 combats in a zone, the Hallowiener Dog will repeat the Phase 3 non-combat adventure after every future 50 combats.

You may rename your dog, or disable it indefinitely, at the doghouse at your campground.

Zone Combats Adventure Results
Any 5 Wooof! Wooooooof! Stats
Hotdog spooky.gif Adventurer's Best Friendship (30 Adventures)
Muscle +50%
Mysticality +50%
Moxie +50%

Ghost Dog ChowCheatos.gif Ghost Dog Chow
Any 20 Playing Fetch* tennis ballTennisball.gif tennis ball
Tennisball.gif Tennis Elbow-wow (30 Adventures)
+50% Combat Initiative
~500 Meat.gif
Any 50 Your Dog Found Something Again Choosing Food:
Bowl2.gif bowl of eyeballs or Bowl3.gif bowl of mummy guts or Bowl4.gif bowl of maggots
Choosing Booze:
Bloodtini.gif blood and blood or Beerbottle.gif Jack-O-Lantern beer or Zombiedrink.gif zombie
Choosing cursed thing:
Windupspider.gif wind-up spider or Nightmaretroll.gif plastic nightmare troll or Rubberheart.gif Telltale™ rubber heart
Sloppy Seconds Diner 50 Dog Diner Afternoon Beach BuckBeachbuck.gif Beach Buck
The Secret Government Laboratory 5 and 20 Labrador Conspirator CoinspiracyCoinspiracy.gif Coinspiracy
Barf Mountain 50 Doggy Heaven FunFunds™Funfunds.gif FunFunds™
The Bubblin' Caldera 5 Lava Dogs VolcoinoVolcoino.gif Volcoino
The Skeleton Store 5 Fruuuuuuuit Orange.gif orange
Grapefruit.gif grapefruit
Sberry.gif strawberry
Cherry.gif cherry
Sberry.gif strawberry
The Overgrown Lot 5 Boooooze Hound 5 random booze
Madness Bakery 5 Baker's Dogzen Dough.gif wad of dough
Magicicing.gif glob of enchanted icing
8-Bit Realm 5 and 20 Dog Needs Food Badly 3 white pixelPixel1.gif white pixel
5 random pixels
The Middle Chamber 5 Ratchet-catcher tomb ratchetRatchet.gif tomb ratchet
The Dark Elbow of the Woods 5 Something About Hot Wings Batwing.gif hot wing
The Dark Heart of the Woods 5 Something About Hot Wings Batwing.gif hot wing
The Dark Neck of the Woods 5 Something About Hot Wings Batwing.gif hot wing
The Defiled Nook ~5 Seeing-Eyes Dog 3 Zomboeye.gif evil eye
The Smut Orc Logging Camp 20 Carpenter Dog 3 Plank1.gif morningwood plank
3 Buttjoint.gif messy butt joint
Guano Junction 5 Are They Made of Real Dogs? sonar-in-a-biscuitBiscuit.gif sonar-in-a-biscuit
Sonofa Beach ~5 Gunbowwowder barrel of gunpowderPowderkeg.gif barrel of gunpowder
The Degrassi Knoll Gym 5 It Isn't a Poodle Skirt.gif frilly skirt