Heart of Orange

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Heart of Orange

Heart of Orange

Your heart is orange, and so is fire. Fire burns, and so does your heart. Not in the acid-reflux sense, but in the passionate intensity sense.

All Attributes +3
+5 Hot Damage
+5 Damage to Hot Spells

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Effect number: 271
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Obtained From


  • Also regenerates 5-6 HP and 5-6 MP after each adventure.


See Also

Summoned Candy Hearts
white | pink | orange | lavender | yellow | green
Candy Heart Effects
(Heart of [Color])
white All Attributes +3 +1 Stat Per Fight, +1 Familiar Experience Per Fight
pink All Attributes +3 +20% Meat from Monsters
orange All Attributes +3 +5 Hot Damage, +5 Damage to Hot Spells,
+5-6 MP and +5-6 HP per Adventure
lavender All Attributes +3 +10% Items from Monsters
yellow All Attributes +3 +20% Combat Initiative
green All Attributes +3 +3 to Familiar Weight