Heartbreaker's Hotel

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Heartbreaker's Hotel
Heartbreaker's Hotel
Zone Num 148
Location Hey Deze
Unlocks Available in a Bad Moon ascension
Recom Stat 0
Combat % 0
Terrain indeterminate
Special Adventures
Lucky None
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Heartbreaker's Hotel is located in Hey Deze.

Non-Combat Adventures

Hellevator Music
Hellevator Music
  • Hit the Lobby button: Sets +ML from the hotel to 0
  • Note: You are given three other choices of floors from 1 to 11, each of which increase ML by an amount equal to floor number.


  • You can adventure here while falling down drunk.
  • Trying to adventure here with no adventures remaining gives the following message:
You don't have time to go on a hell ride right now.
  • Works like a Mind Control device where each floor corresponds to an increase in Monster Level
  • Will also trigger the special boss drops.
Boss Setting Special Reward
Baron von Ratsworth 2 Moneyclip.gif Baron von Ratsworth's money clip
Baron von Ratsworth 9 Tophat.gif Baron von Ratsworth's tophat
Boss Bat 4 Batpants.gif Boss Bat britches
Boss Bat 8 Batbling.gif Boss Bat bling
The Knob Goblin King 3 Glassballs.gif Glass Balls of the Goblin King
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Knob Goblin King 7 Codpiece2.gif Codpiece of the Goblin King
The Bonerdagon 5 Rib.gif rib of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Staff of the Soupbone
The Bonerdagon 10 Vertebra.gif vertebra of the Bonerdagon
can be crafted into Bonerdagon necklace


  • Heartbreaker is the name that Wesley Willis, a musician diagnosed with schizophrenia, gave to one of his "demon voices."
  • The zone's name is a reference to the song 'Heartbreak Hotel' by singer Elvis Presley.
Monster Aggravation Devices
detuned radio Canadian Mind-Control Device Annoy-o-Tron 5000 Heartbreaker's Hotel
Radio.gif Machine.gif Machine.gif Hhotel.gif
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