Hello Knob My Old Friend

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Hello Knob My Old Friend
Hello Knob My Old Friend

First time:

You look around for something that looks like it might be a Cheer Core, but you don't find anything except a weird control panel with a big knob and a ring-shaped hole on the front.

Second time:

You start digging through file cabinets, looking for anything that might help you learn where the Cheer Core is. What you learn, instead, is that you don't know enough scientific jargon to make any sense of these files. You decide to go back to that control panel you found earlier.

Third time:

You start poring over bookshelves, looking for some kind of dictionary or textbook that might help you read the files in those filing cabinets you found earlier. You don't find one, but you do find a note scrawled on a chalkboard that reads CHEER CORE PROJECT ID 722. That might help!
You head back to the control panel, because it's between you and the filing cabinets.

Fourth time:

You find the filing cabinet for PROJECT 722, but it's locked. On a nearby desk, you find a note from a scientist chiding a different scientist about always borrowing his filing cabinet keys and leaving them in the toilet tank on the third floor. Quite a prank.
You decide to stop by the control panel on your way to the third floor bathrooms.

Fifth time:

You head upstairs to check the third floor bathroom, but, of course, the door is locked. Some nearby environmental storytelling directs you to the janitor's closet in the basement.
You sigh and head back to your old friend the control panel, hoping for some emotional support in these trying times.

Sixth time:

You find the basement janitor's closet and grab the key to the third-floor toilets, as well as all of the other keys, just in case. You decide to take a little break before you head back up the stairs, and what better place to take a break than at the good old control panel?

Seventh time:

You unlock the door to the third floor bathroom and fish the filing cabinet key out of the toilet tank. On your way back to the cabinet, however, you are distracted by a shiny control panel, just like the one you've been visiting so often -- no, scratch that, it's actually just the same control panel. You were looking at it from a different angle, is all.

Eighth time:

You find the PROKECT[sic] 722 filing cabinet and unlock it. You can't understand most of the technical documents inside, but you do learn that all of the materials for the project are stored in a room very near the control panel. You head back there, and find that the door to the storage room is locked with an electronic keypad.
Y'know what? You don't have the patience for this right now. You're going back to the control panel.

Ninth time:

You begrudgingly walk back to the storage room door and take a look at the keypad. It's obvious from the pattern of wear on the keys that the combination is just 722, but the lock doesn't seem to be hooked up to power. There's a post-it note on the wall next to it that reads "REMINDER: This door requires the auxiliary generator in Sector 9 to be powered OFF in order to function correctly. ALSO REMINDER: Fire the tech who wired up this door."
You go back to the control panel to drown your sorrows.

Tenth time:

You find a map that tells you where Sector 9 is, find a manual that tells you how the generator works, turn the generator off, find the corpse of the tech who wired it up and fire it, and head back toward the storage room to claim your prize.
You realize, however, that the true prize is the control panels we met along the way. You go back to it.

After recovering the Cheer Core:

You find yourself back at the big knob.

Turn the knob to the right

You turn the knob one click to the right. The sounds of the grey goo thrashing around elsewhere in the lab become noticeably more intense.

Turn the knob to the left

You turn the knob one click to the left. The sounds of the grey goo thrashing around elsewhere in the lab get a little quieter.

Drop a grey goo ring into the slot

You insert one of your recently-awoken grey goo rings into the ring-shaped slot. There is a whirring from behind the control panel, and then instead of whatever was supposed to happen, a huge torrent of gooey matter vomits forth from the slot.

Goo org.gifYou acquire 90~110 gooified animal matters
Goo veg.gifYou acquire 90~110 gooified vegetable matters
Goo min.gifYou acquire 90~110 gooified mineral matters

Leave the console alone

You console yourself with the knowledge that you didn't do anything with the console.


  • Turning the knob to the right raises the weight of the massive goo constructs by 1 ton. Turning it to the left lowers it by 1 ton. Turning the knob to the left will not lower the weight below 10 tons, although there seems to be an internal counter, and should you lower this counter below 10 you will have to raise it again to ten before the weight changes. That is, if the tonnage starts at ten and you move the knob to the left three times the weight will stay at 10; you will, however, have to move the knob to the right four times to get the tonnage to 11.

Occurs at Site Alpha Primary Lab.