Higher Plane Serpents

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Higher Plane Serpents
Monster ID 368
Locations Great Trip
Hit Points 150
Attack 145
Defense 130
No-Hit 155
Initiative 60
Meat None
Phylum weird
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, tail
pink-frosted astral cupcake
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Higher Plane Serpents You're fighting some Higher Plane Serpents

As you wander around the higher plane, you stumble upon a nest of astral serpents. What are these serpents doing on this plane? You hope none of them have an Oedipal complex. They squirm around and hiss at you like disapproving, snooty theatergoers.

Hit Message(s):

One of the serpents rears back and strikes you, impaling your foot with its fangs. If only it had spared you instead of striking you. Eek! Ugh! Argh! Argh! Eek!

Three serpents wrap themselves around your throat and squeeze. You try to apologize for wearing those snakeskin boots, but can't breathe. Ooh! Oof! Ooh! Ow! Ouch!

Critical Hit Message:

Several of them bite you in various locations. It turns out that a serpent's tooth is actually much sharper than a thankless child. Ugh! Argh! Ugh! Ooh! Argh!

Miss Message(s):

One snake rears up to strike you, but is suddenly grabbed by a badger, who vanishes with it into another plane of existence.

Fumble Message:

Several of them lunge forward to bite you, only to discover that they've gotten their tails tangled together. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Cupcake.gifYou acquire an item: pink-frosted astral cupcake (17.1% chance)*
You gain 36-37 <substat>.

Occurs during the Great Trip.


  • This monster counts as a group (of size 11). It takes manifold damage from area-of-effect skills such as Wave of Sauce.


  • Elements of this adventure reference the widespread internet meme and film Snakes on a Plane!
  • "Spared instead of striking" refers to bowling, where knocking down 10 pins at once is a strike, and knocking down 10 pins in two bowls is a spare.
  • "You hope none of them have an Oedipal complex." and "Impaling your foot with its fangs." are references to Oedipus the King, where Oedipus(who the Oedipal complex was named after) married his mother and had a swollen foot. The Oedipal, or Oedipus complex, is term coined by Sigmund Freud for boys and men who have a sexual attraction to their own mother.
  • "Oedipal complex" might also be a reference to one of the ways Samuel L. Jackson refers to the aforementioned "motherf******" Snakes on a Plane.
  • The references to snakes and Oedipal complexes may also be from the 60's rock band, The Doors (the song 'The End' in particular).
  • The reference to a thankless child is from Shakespeare's King Lear, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child."
  • The first (and currently only) miss message is somewhat linked to one of the special attacks used by the Astral Badger.
  • "They squirm around and hiss at you like disapproving, snooty theatergoers." May be a reference to Eddie Izzard's "Dessed To Kill"