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Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: 15

When Jarlsberg wanted for the companionship of friends, he often turned to his potatoes, for a potato in need is a friend indeed.

Converts a Cosmic Potato into a Companion That Helps You Earn More Stats From Fighting

Source: Jarlsberg's Gate
Price: N/A
Class: Avatar of Jarlsberg
Level: Path of Dinner 3
When Used:
You hurl a cosmic potato at the ground in front of you, and it erupts into a full-sized hippotatomous. It nuzzles your face. "Hello, [Name]," you say.

Combat Messages

During combat:

<companion> walks slowly between you and your foe, forcing it to go around her instead of attacking you.
<companion> spits out some marbles at your opponent, tripping him up so he can't attack this round.
<companion> shows your foe the little bird that cleans her teeth, and it is too fascinated to attack this round.
<companion> sings a song about a hippo birdie and two ewes, and your opponent is too entranced to attack this round.
<companion> tells a story about the time she danced ballet with a crocodile. Your foe is too caught up in the narrative to attack.
<companion> opens her mouth reaaaally wiiiiide, blocking your opponent's view of you this round.
<companion> complains about how hungry, hungry she is, distracting your foe for this round.

After combat:

<companion> says, "do you think my hippo hips are a little too broad?" and smiles at her joke.
<companion> says, "you know, I'm not really that hungry-hungry anymore," and smiles contentedly.
<companion> opens her mouth really wide, and her teeth-cleaning bird grins at you.
<companion> says, "I should learn some new skills. I'm becoming kind of a hippodrone," and smiles at her own pun.
<companion> smiles at you placidly as she grazes.
<companion> says, "you know, 'hippopotamus' means 'water horse,'" and smiles.


  • Requires and uses up a cosmic potato.
  • Gives +3 Stats per Combat (or +4-5 Stats per Combat with Working Lunch).
  • Blocks enemy actions about 30% of the time, like a Levitating Potato.
  • Disappears after rollover.
  • Receives a random name, which is retained through all re-summonings and across ascensions.
    • A list of Hippotatomous names can be found in this template. Please add all new Hippotatomous names to it, not to this page.
  • Has the following picture in the left pane:
the Hippotatomous
+3 Stats per Combat


  • Some of the combat messages refer to the tabletop game Hungry Hungry Hippos.
  • Some IP lawyers believe that Hippo birdy two ewes is still in copyright, and others do not.
  • The message about dancing with a crocodile refers to the Dance of the Hours in Disney's Fantasia.
  • Hippopotamuses are really "river horses" not "water horses."