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hobo nickel
hobo nickel

This is a hobo nickel -- a small coin, made out of some sort of mysterious, unidentifiable metal, into which has been carved a small bas-relief by an industrious hobo. In this particular case, industry did not correspond with creativity, as the bas-relief depicts an unadorned numeral 5.

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: hobo nickels)
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Obtained From

Hobopolis Town Square
Normal hobo (only if the hobo doesn't drop a body part)
Burnbarrel Blvd.
Hot hobo
Exposure Esplanade
Cold hobo
The Heap
Stench hobo
The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground
Spooky hobo
The Purple Light District
Sleaze hobo
Li'l Businessman Kit (sometimes after combat in Hobopolis)
Boxcar turtle (10) (sometimes)
Lucky gold ring (sometimes after combat)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Elf Alley

Buying with hobo nickels

There are various things in Hobopolis you may purchase with nickels during choice adventures.

Hobopolis Town Square (nickel content only; full market map at The Hobo Marketplace Table)

Mind Yer Binder
Book2.gif hobo code binder (30)
Note: You can only buy a binder once.

The Hobo Marketplace in Hobopolis Town Square

Food Court
Food (consumed upon purchase)
Protein shake (20)
Salad (20)
Sizzling weasel on a stick (20)
Booze (consumed upon purchase)
Arthur Finn's World-Record Homebrew Stout (20)
Mad Jack's 'corn squeezins' (20)
Bathtub Jimmy's gin (20)
Garment District
Hobofedora.gif crumpled felt fedora (250)
Hobotophat.gif battered old top-hat (150)
Hobowidehat.gif shapeless wide-brimmed hat (200)
Yakpants.gif mostly rat-hide leggings (200)
Dungarees.gif hobo dungarees (150)
Mailpants.gif old patched suit-pants (250)
Softshoes.gif old soft shoes (250)
Cigarbutt.gif hobo stogie (200)
Ropesoap.gif rope with some soap on it (150)
Hubcap.gif sharpened hubcap (10)
Caltrop.gif very large caltrop (10)
Big6pack.gif The Six-Pack of Pain (10)
Sealdrum.gif sealskin drum (99)
Washboard.gif washboard shield (99)
Spagbanjo.gif spaghetti-box banjo (99)
Jug.gif marinara jug (99)
Castanets.gif makeshift castanets (99)
Melodica.gif left-handed melodica (99)
Triangle.gif dinged-up triangle (10)
Hobomonkey.gif hobo monkey (1000)
The Guy Who Carves Driftwood Animals
3 Vtrinket.gif valuable trinkets (10)
Tanning Salon
Effect: Healthy Bronze Glow (5)
Effect: Chalky White Pallor (5)
Educational Films
Effect: Educated (Kinda) (5)
Effect: Educated (Sorta) (5)
Effect: It Didn't Kill You (5)
Effect: The Sweats (5)
Body Modifications
Hobo Tattoo (20+)

Semi-Rare Adventures:
Burnbarrel Blvd.

Moonshine.gif jar of squeeze (5)

Exposure Esplanade

Soupbowl.gif bowl of fishysoisse (5)

The Heap

Lightvial.gif concentrated garbage juice (5)

The Purple Light District

Lewdcard.gif lewd playing card (5)

The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground

Lampshade.gif deadly lampshade (5)

Elf Alley

Papult.gif gift-a-pult (50)



  • This is a reference to hobo nickels. Nickels used to be made of nickel.


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Hobopolis Town Square
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Burnbarrel Blvd.
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Exposure Esplanade
The Heap
The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground
The Purple Light District