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Hobopolis was the term Jick used in describing the first dungeon in the new Clan Basement which first appeared after rollover for June 16th JT (Jick's Time). It seems that underneath the Seaside Town there dwells a multitude of hobos of various types. Hobopolis was first discussed in April of 2008 in the KoL forums. The term was originally suggested as the name for a potential Stench-aligned series of zones, but this did not pan out and the name was repurposed.

For more information please see the Clan Basement page.

Prior to reaching Hobopolis, each person must pass through A Maze of Sewer Tunnels. Hobopolis proper contains the following areas:

Each subarea can be manipulated through various combat and non-combat adventures. The progress can be seen in the file name of the image of each subarea. When the number in the file name reaches 10, you can fight the area boss. At 11, the area is cleansed and will be inaccessible until the dungeon is restarted.

Each area boss, as well as the overboss, can drop powerful items that can't be traded in the normal sense. However, Loathers not inclined to dungeon delve may "purchase" these shinies when whitelisted by a clan willing to do the dive. (Note: The buyer will need to clear the sewers to be eligible for loot distribution, but does not need to spend any turns in the dungeon outside of that.) The clan can then distribute the loot to the whitelisted outsider for a fee (caveat emptor). However, hobo nickel items cannot be purchased in this manner.

Basic Mechanics

  • Each elemental zone contains non-combats which influence the damage done and taken in that zone and in other elemental zones.
  • You must kill 250 normal hobos to unlock Burnbarrel Blvd.
  • You must kill a further 250 normal hobos (500 total) to unlock Exposure Esplanade.
  • You must kill a further 250 normal hobos (750 total) to unlock The Heap.
  • You must kill a further 250 normal hobos (1000 total) to unlock The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground.
  • You must kill a further 250 normal hobos (1250 total) to unlock The Purple Light District.
  • You must kill a further 250 normal hobos (1500 total) to gain access to the Attention -- A Tent! non-combat.

(The above numbers are exact.)

  • You must kill a further 1500 normal hobos (3000 total) to unlock Enter The Hoboverlord. (This is APPROXIMATE)

  • Note: making scarehobos and moshing in the Tent will kill extra hobos.

See Advanced Hobopolis Mechanics for more information.


  • There are also several skills that are only available from monster or boss drops in Hobopolis.


  • On December 3rd, 2010 a new area of Hobopolis was discovered in time for the 2010 Crimbo season. Does not require any Town Square hobos killed to access.


  • On December 26th, 2010 Elf Alley disappeared again.
  • It has been reported that instances of Hobopolis opened before December 26th, 2010 still contain an Elf Alley – any newly opened instances don't.
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