Hobopolis Town Square

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Hobopolis Town Square
Hobopolis Town Square
Zone Num 167
Location Hobopolis
Unlocks Finding your way through the sewers.
Recom Stat 300
Combat % 95
ML 300 - 750
Terrain underground
Special Adventures
Lucky none
Turtle Training Day
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The Hobopolis Town Square is the central area of Hobopolis. It can be accessed as soon as you navigate your way through the sewers.

A primary stat of 300 is suggested. If your main stat isn't high enough, you'll see the following message:

As you approach the Hobopolis Town Square, you see a guy with a sandwich board that reads "Will Disembowel You For Booze Money." You wonder if these hobo's pans are too tough for you to handle.
(It is recommended that you have at least 300 <mainstat> to adventure here.)

Combat Adventures

Normal hobo This monster is a Hobo -- (edit metadata)

Hodgman, The Hoboverlord This monster is a Hobo -- (edit metadata)

Non-combat Adventures

Mind Yer Binder
Mind Yer Binder

Marketplace Entrance
Marketplace Entrance

Attention -- A Tent!
Attention -- A Tent!
  • Slip in the back, Jack
  • Head in the front, uh... Joe: Working the Crowd
  • Just leave, Steve: Nothing. (does not consume an adventure)
  • Note: Unlocked once the Town Square image reaches townsquare125.gif, appearing sequentially after townsquare12.gif & before townsquare14.gif (instead of townsquare13.gif)

Enter The Hoboverlord
Enter The Hoboverlord
  • Charge!: Fight Hodgman, The Hoboverlord
  • Run away, run away!: Nothing. Does not consume an adventure.
  • Note: Is unlocked when the Town Square image reaches townsquare25.gif

Not Now!


  • For each separate dungeon instance, there is a TOTAL number of Normal Hobos in the square of 3000, plus or minus 0-10. These must all be killed to enter the fight with Hodgman. The number does not regenerate unless the dungeon is closed and reopened (at a cost of 1 million meat).
  • Every 250 kills in this zone unlocks something else in Hobopolis. This occurs up to kill 1500 and is detailed here.
  • Doing an excessive amount of damage of a single type to kill a hobo in this area creates a scarehobo part. The lowest amount of damage required is around 500-600, depending on your active +ML modifiers. If you get a scarehobo part, you can't get any item drops, and part creation is not affected by +items equipment.
  • Doing 500+ Hot damage gives Charred Hobo Boots
  • Doing 500+ Cold damage gives Frozen Hobo Eyes
  • Doing 500+ Stench damage gives Stinking Hobo Guts
  • Doing 500+ Spooky damage gives Creepy Hobo Skulls
  • Doing 500+ Sleaze damage gives Hobo Crotches
  • Doing 500+ Physical damage gives Hobo Skins
  • In the event of divided damage sources where multiple parts are over 500 (e.g. an elementally tuned Weapon of the Pastalord spell, doing 1000 damage which is split 500/500, or an Ultracolor™ shirt with 500+ effects active), the elements are checked in reverse order of their listing in a damage sequence, thus, physical is checked last. This is even true if one does more damage than the others (say, 1001 damage that is split 501 physical/500 cold will get a frozen eyes, NOT a hobo skin). The order checked is thus Sleazy, Spooky, Stinky, Cold, Hot, and finally Physical.
  • Be wary of critical hits if attempting to reach the 500+ damage in two or three hits, since hobos only have ~400 hit points and a crit may kill the monster without going over the magic 500.
  • Each scarehobo made at Richard's Redoubt kills 6-10 hobos, helping advance this area faster.
  • Moshing in the tent while other people are playing instruments on stage may kill up to 100 hobos at a time (!), but requires precise real-time coordination between up to seven players. Also, following each mosh, the tent is closed, and exactly 100 hobos must be killed by other means before the tent can re-open.
  • Attempting to adventure here after Hodgman has been defeated yields the message:
The Hoboverlord has been defeated, and Hobopolis Town Square lies empty.
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