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Several skills are only available via Hobopolis drops:

  • Each type of elemental hobo can drop two books that grant powerful but costly combat skills.
    • One costs 30 MP and deals some elemental damage. It also can be used to calm flipped out enemies.
    • The other costs 120 MP and does the same elemental damage as Saucegeyser, with the added benefit of generating multiple attacks when cast multiple times during a battle.
  • Elemental zone minibosses sometimes drop Accordion Thief songs that are restricted to 10 casts per day, can only be cast on players at least level 15, and can only be cast by Accordion Thieves.
  • Hodgman occasionally drops one of four journals, each granting a passive skill.

Like skills available from your guild, these skills may be made permanent through ascension.

Additionally, each outfit dropped by the various bosses grants a special combat skill while adventuring in Hobopolis.


Zone Skill Item name Cost Effect
Burnbarrel Conjure Relaxing Campfire Tales from the Fireside 30 MP Mys/10+(10~20)
Awesome Balls of Fire Kissin' Cousins 120 MP Mys*7/20+(35~45)
Elron's Explosive Etude Elron's Explosive Etude 50 MP
10 per day
+50% Spell Damage
Exposure Maximum Chill Maxing, Relaxing 30 MP Mys/10+(10~20)
Snowclone Blizzards I Have Died In 120 MP Mys*7/20+(35~45)
Benetton's Medley of Diversity Benetton's Medley of Diversity 50 MP
10 per day
+15 Prismatic Damage
The Heap Mudbath Travels with Jerry 30 MP Mys/10+(10~20)
Eggsplosion Biddy Cracker's 120 MP Mys*7/20+(35~45)
The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder The Ballad of Richie Thingfinder 50 MP
10 per day
+50% Meat
+20% Items
Burial Ground Creepy Lullaby Asleep in the Cemetery 30 MP Mys/10+(10~20)
Raise Backup Dancer Let Me Be! 120 MP Mys*7/20+(35~45)
Prelude of Precision Prelude of Precision 50 MP
10 per day
+10% Critical Hit Chance
Purple Light Inappropriate Backrub Sensual Massage for Creeps 30 MP Mys/10+(10~20)
Grease Lightning Summer Nights 120 MP Mys*7/20+(35~45)
Chorale of Companionship Chorale of Companionship 50 MP
10 per day
+10 Familiar Weight
Elf Alley Wassail The Joy of Wassailing 30 MP Mys/10+(10~20)
Toynado Tales of a Kansas Toymaker 120 MP Mys*7/20+(35~45)
Hodgman Natural Born Scrabbler Journal #1 Passive +5% Items
Thrift and Grift Journal #2 Passive +10% Meat
Abs of Tin Journal #3 Passive +10% Max HP
Marginally Insane Journal #4 Passive +10% Max MP


When adventuring in Hobopolis with Hodgman's Regal Frippery equipped:

From Hodgman, The Hoboverlord:

Burnbarrel Blvd. (hot)

When adventuring in Hobopolis with Pyretic Panhandler Paraphernalia equipped:

From the Hot hobo:

From Ol' Scratch:

Exposure Esplanade (cold)

When adventuring in Hobopolis with Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments equipped:

From the Cold hobo:

From Frosty:

The Heap (stench)

When adventuring in Hobopolis with Vile Vagrant Vestments equipped:

From the Stench hobo:

From Oscus:

The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground (spooky)

When adventuring in Hobopolis with Dire Drifter Duds equipped:

From the Spooky hobo:

From Zombo:

The Purple Light District (sleaze)

When adventuring in Hobopolis with Tawdry Tramp Togs equipped:

From the Sleaze hobo:

From Chester:

Elf Alley (physical; Crimbo 2010)

From the Hobelf:

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