Hodgman's journal 4: View From The Big Top

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Hodgman's journal #4: View From The Big Top
Hodgman's journal #4: View From The Big Top

Hodgman carried around a big pile of notebooks in which he scribbled his every thought. Be forewarned, though -- 99% of his thoughts were completely and utterly devoid of sanity. This is one of the last volumes, filled with the mystical insights Hodgman acquired while working as the ringmaster of an imaginary circus.

Type: usable
Grants Skill: Marginally Insane
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: copies of Hodgman's journal #4)
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Item number: 3415
Description ID: 435985770
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Obtained From

Hobopolis Town Square
Hodgman, The Hoboverlord

When Used

You read the journal. Unlike the others, this one turns out to be 100% insane ramblings. Still, there's something about them that makes a certain... sense.

You acquire a skill: Halfcrazy.gif Marginally Insane


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