Hot Blooded

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Hot Blooded

Hot Blooded

You're hot blooded -- check it and see. You've got a temperature of, like, 200, actually.

Muscle +30%
Mysticality +10%
Moxie +20%
+10 Hot Damage
So-So Hot Resistance (+2)

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Effect number: 200
Description ID: c3dce41845c995ec4c2bd986cbc28364
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Obtained From


  • The description of the effect is a reference to the song Hot Blooded, by Foreigner.
  • The first line is a line from the same Foreigner song - "Cause I'm hot blooded, check it and see." However, it's followed by "got a fever of 103", not 200. (Coincidentally, this is effect number 200.)

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