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Hot Dog Stand)

A Hot Dog Stand may be installed in your Clan VIP Lounge by using a Clan hot dog stand.

Items Sold

The hot dog man smiles as you approach, and offers you a piece of unsolicited advice:


Jarl regdog.gif basic hot dog
Hotdog macho.gif savage macho dog unlocked by Spikycollar.gif  
Jarl deluxedog.gif one with everything unlocked by Wrapper.gif  
Hotdog sly.gif sly dog unlocked by Deboner.gif  
Hotdog hot.gif devil dog unlocked by Chicle.gif  
Hotdog cold.gif chilly dog unlocked by Frostigkraut.gif  
Hotdog spooky.gif ghost dog unlocked by Dogbone.gif  
Hotdog stench.gif junkyard dog unlocked by Guanon.gif  
Hotdog sleaze.gif wet dog unlocked by Book4.gif  
Spreadsheet.gif optimal dog unlocked by Spreadsheet.gif  
Hotdog sleep.gif sleeping dog unlocked by Martini.gif  
Hotdog vg.gif video games hot dog unlocked by Gg def.gif  

Hot Dog Leaderboards


  • The fancy hot dogs (everything but basic hot dog) are unlocked for a whole clan when someone obtains one of the "unlocked by" items and "spends" it inside the Hot Dog Stand. (A new button appears if you have one of the items.) This consumes the item and permanently unlocks the hot dog for that clan, with the message:
    <unlock message---see table below>
    You have unlocked a new hot dog!
    Your clan members should be really grateful!
  • Items that are part of the cost of a fancy hot dog (hot wad, stench wad, etc.) may also be "spent" within the Hot Dog Stand (a contribute link appears after "(n in stock)"). These items are removed from the player who spends them, and stored inside the Stand, with the message:
    You have put some hot dog making supplies into the hot dog cart man's hot dog cart supply crate.
  • Any player in the clan (with a VIP key) may use Stand-stored items to buy the fancy hot dogs, regardless of whether that player contributed any items.
  • Items may be contributed from Hagnk's, allowing for fancy hot dogs to be consumed in Hardcore.
  • Every hot dog sold has a different effect on consumption, as follows:
Hot Dog Unlock Cost Fullness Effect Unlock message
Jarl regdog.gif
basic hot dog
None None 1 (or 0) If not full, gain 1 Adventure, 1 Fullness


Lose 2n substats
Hotdog macho.gif
savage macho dog
vicious spiked collar
Uncommon reward in The Cake-Shaped Arena with a non-familiar-equipment-receiving familiar that is not an elemental fairy
10 furry furs 2 Gain 6-8 Adventures, 10-17 muscle substats

50 Adventures of Macho, Macho Dog
(Muscle +50%,
+10% chance of Critical Hit,
+50% Damage vs. Bugbears and Werewolves)

The hot dog man takes the collar. "Hmm," he says. "That gives me a hot dog idea."
Jarl deluxedog.gif
one with everything
ancient hot dog wrapper
Dropped in The Basement: Ghost of Fernswarthy's Grandfather
10 handfuls of cranberries 2 Gain 6-8 Adventures, 15 mysticality substats

50 Adventures of Inner Dog
(Mysticality +50%,
+10% Chance of Spell Critical Hit,
+50% Damage vs. Zombies and Ghosts)

The hot dog man takes the wrapper, unwraps it, and breathes deeply. "Wow. Wow," he says, "they really knew how to make a hot dog back then!"
Hotdog sly.gif
sly dog
debonair deboner
Found in The Defiled Nook: Skull, Skull, Skull
10 skeleton bones 2 Gain 6-8 Adventures, 20 moxie substats

50 Adventures of Top Dog
(Moxie +50%,
+10% Pickpocket Chance,
+50% Damage vs. Vampires and Skeletons)

The hot dog man takes the deboner and considers it. "Y'know," he muses, "I bet you could make a pretty good hot dog out of bone marrow."
Hotdog hot.gif
devil dog
chicle de salchicha
Found in South of the Border: A Special Chewy Encounter
25 hot wads 3 Gain 11-13 Adventures, 5 PVP fights

30 Adventures of Devil Inside
(+30 Hot Damage,
Serious (+3) Cold and Spooky Resistance)

The hot dog man considers the gum. "Hot sauce. Yeah. Hot sauce. Good idea."
Hotdog cold.gif
chilly dog
jar of frostigkraut
Found in The eXtreme Slope: Duffel on the Double
25 cold wads 3 Gain 11-13 Adventures

30 Adventures of Chill Out, Dog
(+10 to Monster Level,
+30 Cold Damage,
Serious (+3) Stench and Sleaze Resistance)

The hot dog man looks at the jar of frozen cabbage and smiles coldly. "Watch this," he says.
Hotdog spooky.gif
ghost dog
gnawed-up dog bone
Dropped in The Haunted Conservatory: skeletal cat
25 spooky wads 3 Gain 11-13 Adventures

30 Adventures of Scaredy Dog
(Monsters will be less attracted to you,
+30 Spooky Damage, Serious (+3) Cold and Sleaze Resistance)

The hot dog man muses on the bone. "Every dog has eventually has its day," he mutters. "its dying day."
Hotdog stench.gif
junkyard dog
Grey Guanon
Found in Guano Junction: Guan-Yes!
25 stench wads 3 Gain 11-13 Adventures

30 Adventures of Dog Breath
(Monsters will be more attracted to you,
+30 Stench Damage, Serious (+3) Hot and Spooky Resistance)

The hot dog man takes a whiff of the mustard. "Pheeeew," he says, "that cleared my sinuses, and gave me an idea!"
Hotdog sleaze.gif
wet dog
Engorged Sausages and You
Found in The Haunted Bedroom: One Rustic Nightstand
25 sleaze wads 3 Gain 11-13 Adventures

30 Adventures of Hangdog
(+20% Combat Initiative, +30 Sleaze Damage, Serious (+3) Hot and Stench Resistance)

The hot dog man takes the book. "Gross," he says "but, y'know, not too gross. I can deal with this."
optimal dog
optimal spreadsheet
Dropped in Menagerie Level 1: QuickBASIC elemental
25 tattered scraps of paper 1 Gain 4-5 Adventures

Gives intrinsic Lucky!

The hot dog man takes the spreadsheet. "Seriously?" he says. "Okay. Whatever. If this is what you want, I'll make it for you."
Hotdog sleep.gif
sleeping dog
dream of a dog
Rare drop when Resting
10 gauze hammocks 2 Gain ?-9-10-? Adventures

You learn the skill Dog Tired (5 free rests/day).

The hot dog man takes the dream, yawns, and mutters something about a new kind of hot dog as he falls alseep where he stands.
Hotdog vg.gif
video games hot dog
Gg def.gif
defective Game Grid token
Found in The Game Grid: Jackass Plumber
3 issues of GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine 3 Gain 12-14 Adventures, 2-3 red pixels, 2-3 blue pixels, 2-3 green pixels

50 Adventures of Video Game Hot Dog
(+25% Item Drops from Monsters,
+25% Meat from Monsters)

The hot dog man takes the token and stares at it. "Okay," he says, "I can work with this."
  • You can only eat 1 fancy hot dog per day. Trying to eat another gives the message:
You aren't in the mood for any more fancy dogs today.
  • Eating hot dogs adds them to your consumption history.
  • Hot dogs are affected by Got Milk and other effects that give Adventures from Food (such as Boris's skills), unlike other instant-consume foods (such as sushi). Of course, because they do not come from the inventory, they cannot take advantage of Ol' Scratch's salad fork.


  • The text when you hand hot dog man the optimal spreadsheet refers to a significant portion of the player base caring mainly for something being optimal, rather than style or fun factor, and Jick's general disbelief and disapproval of such a point of view.