Hot daub

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hot daub
hot daub

This is a little glob of hot, malleable clay. You'd better make something out of it quickly, because it's already pretty similar to a kiln.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: hot daubs)
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Item number: 5725
Description ID: 962493147
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Wad.gif molten brick drop of water-37
Equals.gif hot daub

When Used

  • From inventory (single use):
You form the daub into a ball just before it hardens and catches fire again.
Claybomb.gifYou acquire an item: ballpark hot daub
  • Using 15:
You pile a bunch of the daubs on your head. They cool into a custom-made bun-shaped hat!
Clayhat.gifYou acquire an item: hot daub bun
  • Using 17:
You roll a bunch of the daubs into a snakelike shape. Well, a snakelike shape as described by somebody who has never seen a snake...
Clayclub.gifYou acquire an item: foot-long hot daub
  • Using 19:
You pile up a bunch of the daubs and start rolling around in them. They cool around your jets (which is what you've started calling your legs) and make a nice, warm, totally rigid pair of pants.
Claypants.gifYou acquire an item: hot daub stand
  • Otherwise:
You can't figure out how to make anything interesting out of that number of hot daubs.



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