Hot stuffing

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hot stuffing
hot stuffing

Just like momma used to make!

Selling Price: 100 Meat.

(In-game plural: wads of hot stuffs)
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Item number: 1436
Description ID: 203741164
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Ezcook.gif heavy hot sauce stuffing
Equals.gif hot stuffing


  • Neither heavy hot sauce nor stuffing are marked as cooking ingredients, so they will not appear in the list of items when you click on the "Cook" link in your inventory. In the same window in which you're logged into the game, copy and paste the following script into your address bar:
javascript:void(mainpane.location = "craft.php?mode=cook&action=craft&a=56&b=1385&qty=NUMBER&pwd=HASH");
Replace NUMBER with the number you want to create and HASH with your current password hash. You can get the hash value by doing the following:
  • View the source of the character frame.
  • In Internet Explorer: Right click the character frame, and go to "View Source".
  • In Mozilla Firefox: Right click the character frame, go to "This Frame", then go to "View Frame Source".
  • You can also use any other page that uses the password hash, such as your Colossal Closet.
  • Look for the string "pwdhash" or "pwd", and grab the long hexadecimal number following it (without the double quotes). This is your password hash.
  • This item was originally introduced as a simple vanity item for HotStuff, and was thought to have no actual use in the game. Later, Jick revealed on the 17th August 2006 RadioKoL show that this item was used to monitor how many people were hacking the game, by monitoring the spread of something that couldn't normally be cooked.
  • This item appears under the heading "Dirty Exploits" on the Cooking Discoveries page, but never shows as having the proper ingredients, so the crafting link is not available.
  • As of June 2021, it appears that Mozilla no longer permits running javascript from the address bar; you will need to run the above command in Internet Explorer (NOT Microsoft Edge) to get the item/recipe


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