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huge spoon
huge spoon

This spoon is too big. This spoon is too big. This spoon is too big. Seriously. If Elvis saw this, even a normal-sized Elvis, he'd say "Look at that thing! That thing's huge!"

Type: weapon (1-handed utensil)
Damage: 9 - 18
Mysticality Required: 30
Selling Price: 95 Meat.

Spell Damage +10

(In-game plural: huge spoons)
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Item number: 1756
Description ID: 238982352
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Obtained From

The Defiled Cranny
gluttonous ghuol
The VERY Unquiet Garves
gluttonous ghuol


  • The item's description references the Don Hertzfeldt animated short Rejected, the first sequence of which involves a spoon which is too big, including the emphasis on the sentence given in the description.
  • In the Saturday Night Live sketch "Tiny Elvis" Elvis would say "that thing is huge".

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