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Verily, this room doth belong to the Renaissance Giant! It is festooned with banners that were awarded at fake jousts, there's a giant pyramid of picked-cleaned turkey legs, and there are both wooden and leather mugs on a shelf. There's also an impressive array of duct-tape and cardboard weaponry, and for some reason a selection of fox tails to be clipped onto the back of a kilt with cargo pockets.

Exploreth the Writing Desk

Once per ascension:

You climb onto the writing desk. There are a few raven feathers that have been sharpened for quills, and an assortment of gleaming ballpoint pens to use when the quills prove to be a giant pain in the neck to write with.

Then you spy, in a gleam of light from above, a plastic stone with a pewter letter opener sticking out of it. You pull it from the stone, but it doesn't make you the King of anything. Still, it's a pretty sweet sword.

Pewtersword.gifYou acquire an item: pewter claymore

After that:

You climb onto the writing desk. There are a few raven feathers that have been sharpened to use as quills, as well as an assortment of ballpoint pens. They're all too big to be of any use to you, so you hop back down. Forsooth, that was a waste of time.

Turn on Ye Olde Television Set

You turn on Ye Olde Television Set. The video playing is a fake swordfighting instructional video, all about how to pretend you're trying to murder someone while really just clanging the swords together as hard as possible. After watching for a while, you see how easy it would be to modify the pretend swordplay into actual murderous swordfighting.

Pewtersword.gifYou acquire an effect: Pretending to Pretend
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Seek the Egress Anon

Without so much as a "fair thee well, lords and lasses," you make your way out of the Renaissance Giant's room. Note: Does not take an adventure.

Occurs at The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor).