Hypnotic Master

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Hypnotic Master
Hypnotic Master

You are a small boy in a quiet suburban town. You have a nagging suspicion that this isn't reality, but you decide to leave it.

You just saw a great movie where the main character was a hypnotist. You find a magic "omelet" in your mother's dresser and have decided that you can hypnotize anyone.

Try it on your brother.

Your brother doesn't seem to fall into a deep, deep sleep. He just looks bored and walks away. You give up on your dreams of becoming a hypnotist and just pocket your now mundane necklace.

Necklace mom.gifYou acquire an item: mother's necklace

Try it on that wiseacre, Eddie.

Within moments, Eddie falls into a deep trance. You order him to walk around the block, he does. You order him to cluck like a chicken, he does. You order him into a deep sleep and then have to carry him home and put him to bed. Your poor back!

You gain 250 Fortitude.

Try it on yourself.

"I am getting dizzy, my eyelids are getting heavy," you intone to yourself as you spin your "omelet". You pass out and wake up feeling kinda funny.

You acquire 30 turns of 2 random beneficial effects.

Snap out of it!

You shake your head vigorously and clear it of your surreal daydream.

Occurs when adventuring while equipped with June cleaver.


  • This adventure references the plot of The Hypnotist, the 102nd episode of American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver. The episode in question also features a magical "omelet."
    • The title of the show is also referenced in the last line of the description, where you decide to "leave it".