I Am The Brotherhood

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I Am The Brotherhood
I Am The Brotherhood

As you head out onto the battlefield, ready for action, you're startled by a frat soldier who runs up to you with a box full of stuff.

"Hey, bra," he shouts, "you forgot to get geared up! Take this stuff, bra!"

"What is all of this?" you ask.

"Well, the first thing is a paddle. That's for beating up hippies. The second thing is a stack of beer bombs. Those are for blowing up hippies. The third thing is a PADL phone. That's for --"

"Calling up hippies?" you guess.

"No, bra. This is a brand new PADL Phone. It plays music, takes pictures, gets me a beer, and you can even call people on it! Well, you can if you can hit the right buttons. I mean, it's really small. Damn! Where'd it go! Oh, there it is.

Anyway. If you wanna get some help from HQ, you gotta use this thing to send 'em a text message. But we don't want the hippies intercepting our communications, so we gotta do it in code, bra. Like, if you need a nurse, send the message 'DONT TRIP' -- and if you want to call in some armored support, send 'U LUV HER?' and it'll be there before you know it, bra. Don't use it too often, though, bra -- those legacy guys back at HQ are hella busy.

I gotta run, bra, there's a whole lot of us that need to get outfitted. Good luck!"

He shoves the box of stuff into your hands and runs off toward a nearby group of soldiers.

Perfpaddle.gifYou acquire an item: perforated battle paddle
Beer.gifYou acquire 3 beer bombs
Padl.gifYou acquire an item: PADL Phone

Occurs at The Battlefield (Frat Warrior Fatigues), first adventure only.