Ice harvest

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ice harvest
ice harvest

This is like a stalk of wheat, except instead of a stalk it's ice, and instead of kernels of wheat it's more ice.

Type: food (good)
Size: 1
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: Icy Demeanor (30 Adventures)Maximum HP +20
Serious Hot Resistance (+3)

(In-game plural: ice harvests)
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Item number: 7072
Description ID: 978968903
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Obtained From

The Campground
A Winter Garden
Other Gardens (with a Snow machine in Your Workshed)

When Consumed

You eat the ice harvest as though it was the world's most boring popsicle.
Iceharvest.gifYou acquire an effect: Icy Demeanor
(duration: 30 Adventures)
AdventuresYou gain 2-3 Adventures.
You gain 3-5 Strengthliness.
You gain 3-5 Wizardliness.
You gain 3-5 Roguishness.
(You gain 1 Fullness.)


  • The ice harvest has a [make stuff] link in addition to the standard [eat] link.


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