In The Boudoir

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In The Boudoir
In The Boudoir

You're in the sparsely-decorated master bedroom of the castle. There's just a dresser, a bed, a nightstand, and a birdcage.

The nightstand has one of those coin-operated Magic Fingers machines on it. That's weird. You usually only see those in hotel rooms. From the 70s.

The birdcage contains a parrot who is spouting an alarmingly loud and astonishingly offensive stream of profanity.

Shut the parrot up
You find a cracker in a dresser drawer and feed it to the parrot. "!*&# you," the parrot says, presumably in thanks.

(No more Sleaze monsters will appear in the castle)

Check the dresser
You dig through the dresser drawers, and amidst the detritus of what seems to have been a long and thoroughly deviant life, you find some spare change.
Dv krueggerand.gifYou acquire 5-6 Freddy Kruegerands

If 10 players have already looted this choice:

You dig through the drawers, but your clanmates have apparently already plundered them of whatever plunder they once contained.

Turn on the magic fingers
You lie on the bed, fish a quarter out from under the pillow, and drop it in the Magic Fingers machine. Fifteen minutes later, you get up, but the vibration continues.
Hand.gifYou acquire an effect: Magically Fingered
(duration: 100 Adventures)

Bid adieu to the bedroom
You head back out into the tower.

Occurs at Tower Most Tall in Dreadsylvanian Castle.