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You step up to a stall that seems to be selling a variety of musical instruments. Many of them appear to be handmade -- hide drums and flutes carved out of wood or drilled from lengths of metal pipe mostly -- although you do spot a few manufactured ones, such as a banjo (missing a string) and some harmonicas (only slightly dented).

The shopkeeper looks up from where he's tuning a triangle. "Hello there. Lookin' to buy yerself a musical instrument? A handy thing for a travellin' [man|woman] -- lots of opportunities to practice, cheerful tunes by the ol' campfire... even earn yerself a little meat busking if ya don't suck too badly."

He looks you up and down, and rubs his chin contemplatively. "Ayep, I think you're in luck, too. Got just the thing for ya."

You rifle through your pockets and determine that you currently have X hobo nickels.

Buy a musical instrument for 99 hobo nickels

You exchange some hobo nickels for a musical instrument. Yay commerce!

Seal Clubber:

Sealdrum.gifYou acquire an item: sealskin drum

Turtle Tamer:

Washboard.gifYou acquire an item: washboard shield


Spagbanjo.gifYou acquire an item: spaghetti-box banjo


Jug.gifYou acquire an item: marinara jug

Disco Bandit:

Castanets.gifYou acquire an item: makeshift castanets

Accordion Thief:

Melodica.gifYou acquire an item: left-handed melodica


You decide you life doesn't need any extra tootling and wailing in it just now, and ask the clerk for directions out of the marketplace instead.

Occurs as part of the Entertainment subadventure at Hobopolis Town Square.


  • If the player does not have a class instrument, this subadventure occurs; otherwise Triangle, Man occurs instead.