Jack flapper

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jack flapper
jack flapper

This is a utensil used by Canadian lumberjacks to make flapjacks. A "jack flapper" was also a semi-derogatory term used to describe women in the twenties who claimed to be flappers but didn't really practice. Practice... uh... wearing hats... with feathers on them.

Type: weapon (1-handed utensil)
Damage: 4 - 7
Mysticality Required: 2
Selling Price: 40 Meat.

Spell Damage +5

(In-game plural: jack flappers)
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Item number: 1753
Description ID: 972599754
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Obtained From

Camp Logging Camp
decent lumberjack


  • A Jack Mormon is a cultural Mormon -- i.e., someone who claims to be Mormon but doesn't really practice.
  • A Flapper was the liberated woman of the 20s

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