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Avatar of Shadows Over Loathing is the Spring 2023 special challenge path, introduced on February 15, 2023. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Play as one of the classes from the recently-released smash hit video game Shadows Over Loathing, by Asymmetric Games!"


  • You cannot join a guild, but you can sort of start the guild quests as a Cheese Wizard or Jazz Agent.
    • Typing "/go guild" in chat will open the guild, but with images as broken links.
    • Clicking center bottom on your first visit will allow the "steal your trousers" quest to start. And they can be stolen in the Sleazy Back Alley. This opens up the rest of the guild as below.
    • Clicking on the top left will give the skill training page but with no skills available.
    • Clicking on the top center spot will give you the Bitchin' meatcar quest. Subsequent visits to the square will give a "No Options - Exit" button which gives the response "I AM ERROR!"
      • Clicking top center after building the meatcar completes the quest, and clicking there again will unlock Whitey's Grove and start the White Citadel quest.
    • Clicking on the top right gives "No such shop."
    • Clicking middle center does nothing.
    • Clicking bottom left does nothing. This will start the "dig up Fernswarthy's key" quest. You can dig up the key and returning to the guild will give you the key back and open up Fernswarthy's Tower.
      • Clicking bottom left after retrieving the dusty old book removes it from your inventory and completes the quest, but does not give you the class-specific Manual reward.
    • Clicking bottom right displays nothing with the header ", the".
  • No initial access to any non-path skills, even if permed. You can, however, learn non-path skills in any way that is normally available during a run with no guild access:
  • You cannot enter The Sea:
    That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.



Rather than playing any of the traditional 6 classes, you will play as one of three special classes, each with its own skills:
Pigskinner.gif Pigskinner f.gif

  • Pig Skinners have Muscle as their main stat.
  • Pig Skinners can Punt to banish a foe for the rest of the day.
    • Using it on a boss will have no effect.

Cheesewizard.gif Cheesewizard f.gif

  • Cheese Wizards can Fondeluge to instantly kill a non-boss foe without using an adventure.
    • Using it on a boss will still do some Hot Damage.

Jazzagent.gif Jazzagent f.gif

  • Jazz Agents have Moxie as their main stat.
  • Jazz Agents do not get to Pickpocket.
  • Jazz Agents can Motif to encounter a specific foe more often until used again on another foe.


  • Skills cost meat and can be purchased in any order, as long as you meet the level requirement.
    • Completing a run also gives you a "skill point" for that class (two points for Hardcore), up to a cap of 11 points. You may spend your points at any time on any of the skills, even if you do not meet the level requirements.
    • The shadowy cheat sheet also gives you one skill point for each class.


  • Most bosses are replaced with shadowy versions. They drop cursed items with powerful enchantments but significant drawbacks. Cursed items can be turned into uncursed versions which are less powerful but without drawbacks. This cannot be undone.
Boss Replacement Cursed item Cursed enchantment Uncursed item Uncursed enchantment Type
Boss Bat two-headed shadow bat Batpaw.gif
cursed bat paw
+25 to Monster Level
All Attributes -25%
uncursed bat paw
-25 to Monster Level accessory
Knob Goblin King goblin king's shadow Goblincape.gif
cursed goblin cape
Monsters will be significantly less attracted to you.
Cold Vulnerability (-6)
Spooky Vulnerability (-6)
uncursed goblin cape
Monsters will be less attracted to you. back item
Bonerdagon shadowboner shadowdagon Wishbone2.gif
cursed dragon wishbone
+50% Item Drops from Monsters
-50% Meat from Monsters
uncursed dragon wishbone
+25% Item Drops from Monsters accessory
Groar shadow of groar Blanket2.gif
cursed blanket
Serious Resistance (+3) to all elements
-20 to Familiar Weight
uncursed blanket
Slight Resistance (+1) to all elements back item
Lord Spookyraven shadow Lord Spookyraven Arcaneorb.gif
cursed arcane orb
+13 Prismatic Damage
-50% Item Drops from Monsters
uncursed arcane orb
+1 Prismatic Damage off-hand item
Protector Spectre corruptor shadow Machete2.gif
cursed machete
+50% Meat from Monsters
You will constantly cut yourself with it
uncursed machete
+20% Meat from Monsters weapon (1-handed sword)
Dr. Awkward W. Odah's Shadow Statlist.gif
cursed stats
+5 Stat(s) Per Fight
Base stats limited to 69
uncursed stats
+1 Stat(s) Per Fight off-hand item
The Big Wisniewski shadow of the 1960s Medallion.gif
cursed medallion
Combat Initiative +100%
Weapon Damage -50%
Spell Damage -50%
uncursed medallion
Combat Initiative +25% accessory
The Man shadow of the 1980s
  • Note that this poses a special challenge for Jazz Agents, who can't purchase a skill dealing elemental damage until reaching level 7. Plan accordingly.


Council Text

See The Council of Loathing/Avatar of Shadows Over Loathing.


  • As with Journeyman, the path mostly works like a low-skill Standard run, so the strategy is fairly similar.
    • None of the classes get a survival knife on day 1 or 2, so no need to plan your run around this.

  • You do have access to a few new skills, though, some of which are quite powerful.
    • Jazz Agents get Motif, which works as a Transcendent Olfaction effect. Note that the cooldown overlaps with blue rocket, so you can't use both at the same time. Also, Call For Backup grants +10 familiar weight, which is extremely useful, and available as soon as level 2.
    • Pig Skinners have access to a banisher with Punt (takes a turn). Free-For-All is also very useful, being a turn-free instant-kill that can be used every 25 adventures. Make sure you don't use a red rocket if you want to make use of this skill - the cooldowns overlap.
    • Cheese Wizards get a lot of passive +item via Fingers of Fontina and have a disintegration effect with Fondeluge, which is a turn-free instant-kill that can only be used every 50 adventures. The cooldown overlaps with yellow rocket and Spit jurassic acid, but there's no reason to use either of those when Fondeluge is available. Cheese Wizards also have access to a high cold damage skill in the form of Emmental Elemental, which provides an easy, build-in way to trigger Blech House in The Smut Orc Logging Camp with the use of Moxie Modifiers.

  • Consider doing a few "just for fun" runs for your class. The first 2-3 skill points are extremely valuable to have in "serious" runs. After that, however, you hit diminishing returns.

  • Not all skills are equally useful. You might as well get them if you have spare meat, but don't feel obligated to buy skills just because you've unlocked them.
    • Most of the class skills just deal damage. You probably don't need those, at least if you have a June cleaver.
    • Do note that the new bosses tend to be immune to physical damage. That's irrelevant if you have a June cleaver, but if you don't have one, buy a combat skill that deals elemental damage.

  • Some of the cursed boss drops are actually quite useful. Definitely don't uncurse them unless you have to.


  • Finishing an Avatar of Shadows Over Loathing run that began while it was still the current special challenge path -- that is, between February 15th, 2023, and (May 14th, 2023) -- (gives players 100 (in Hardcore) or 50 (in Normal) extra karma points the next time they visit Valhalla.)
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold anti-moth statuette upon defeating the final boss.
  • Completing a run with one of the new classes also gives you a "skill point" for that class (two points for Hardcore), up to a cap of 11 points. These will be useful for future runs of that same class.
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