Jazz Agent sheet music

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Jazz Agent sheet music
Jazz Agent sheet music

This is a stack of sheet music, each of which invokes a particular Jazz Agent skill. You'll have to pay a license fee for each of them you want to learn.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Jazz Agent sheet musics)
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Item number: 11165
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Obtained From

Avatar of Shadows Over Loathing
Into the Shadows (choose Jazz Agent)

When Used

Level Skill Description Effect Type MP Cost Train Cost
1 Pod hard.gif
Thick Calluses
Your fingers are thick from years of practicing instruments and ignoring hygiene. Damage Absorption +50
Damage Reduction: 3
passive N/A 100
2 Smallheart.gif
Call For Backup
The secret to getting help is asking for it. Even with animals. They might not understand language, but they'll figure out what you want from your tone of voice. Reliable Backup (10 Adventures)
+10 to Familiar Weight
Your familiar will act more often
noncombat 10 200
2 Notes.gif
You do everything with a rare combination of innate talent and dedicated pratice. Now if we could just work on your humility a little. +3 Moxie Stats Per Fight passive N/A 200
3 Necktie.gif
Fashion Sense
You know how to dress for any occasion, provided the occasion is a fight. Moxie +20 passive N/A 300
3 Orchstrike.gif
Orchestra Strike
You've got an entire orchestra poised to strike at a moment's notice. Just paint a target. Deal your Moxie in physical damage and weaken an enemy combat 5 300
4 Hand.gif
Jazz Hands
A lifetime of jazz training has left you with unstoppable rhythmic tremors. Regenerate 4-5 MP per Adventure passive N/A 400
4 Bloodknife.gif
Knife In The Darkness
The darkness is one of the most painful places to get stabbed. Deal 50% of your foe's HP in damage and then hide in the shadows for a while
In The Darkness (10 Adventures)
Monsters will be much less attracted to you
combat (once per fight) 20 400
5 Bigeyes.gif
C Sharp Eyes
Your vision has reached a superhuman level of clarity from your years of reading tiny music notation. +50% Item Drops from Monsters
+50% Meat from Monsters
passive N/A 500
5 Venomriff.gif
Venomous Riff
Sometimes a poison pen writes music instead of a scathing restaurant review. Deal your Mysticality in damage and poison your foe combat (once per fight) 7 500
6 Bigqmark.gif
Air of Mystery
What is it about you that makes you so hard to hit? I could tell you, but then I'd be able to hit you. The first attack against you will always miss passive N/A 600
6 Drumroll.gif
Drum Roll
You can play the guitar just like ringing a bell, and the drums just like shooting a machine gun. Stun an enemy for a few rounds combat (once per fight) 10 600
7 Drummachine.gif
Rhythmic Precision
Every neuron in your body is firing along in perfect time with the song that's stuck in your head, which, unfortunately, is Party Rock Anthem and has been for several years now. -3 MP to use Skills passive N/A 700
7 Saxophone.gif
Sax of Violence
Saxophones come in various sizes, but they're all capable of delivering a decent-sized beating. Deal your Muscle in sleaze damage combat 5 700
8 Lips.gif
Perfect Embouchure
Your lip muscles are so hard that they can cut glass, which has had the unfortunate side effect of making it so you can't practice kissing yourself in the mirror anymore. Your musical skills deal 33% more damage passive N/A 800
8 Timpani.gif
Tricky Timpani
The timpani is one of nature's most complicated drums. Tricky Timpani (effect) (10 adventures)
+5 Prismatic Damage
noncombat 30 800
9 Gritteeth.gif
Grit Teeth
Sometimes a strained grimace is the best medicine. Heal yourself for 20 HP combat 5 900
9 Strboost2.gif
Improv Muscles
Playing weird heavy instruments has given you surprising upper-body strength. Maximum HP +25%
+25% Combat Initiative
passive N/A 900
10 Neckclock.gif
Impeccable Timing
You know when the next beat is, and the next beating. +100% Combat Initiative passive N/A 1000
10 Flute.gif
Soothing Flute
There's an old saying: "Tensions can't be high when a flautist is nigh." Soothing Flute (effect) (10 adventures)
+5 to Familiar Weight
Regenerate 8-10 HP per Adventure
noncombat 15 1000
11 Motif.gif
Birds of prey keep track of their victims by their songs. You can be like them. Makes it so you'll encounter a specific monster more often combat 50 1100
11 Bassdrum.gif
Rhythm In Your Blood
Extra blood throbs through your veins in a perfect rhythm, which is good, because if it was irregular it would cause traffic jams. Maximum HP +20% passive N/A 1100