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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

A list of all jewelrymaking-made discoveries in the game, listed by discovery type. All of these need jewelry-making pliers and previously needed 3 adventures to make. There were 57 attainable jewelry recipes, not counting the three Rainbow Pearl jewelry. (These recipes, as well as the category name, were impracticable to get since only 11 rainbow pearls were ever created; most were jewelrycrafted before the game kept track of recipes, and those that remain are permanently in display cases now.)

On June 16, 2015, these recipes all became Meatpasting recipes, retaining the same information regarding category. Recipes were not retained, and had to be rediscovered (either through remaking the jewelry, untinkering the jewelry, or relearning the recipe).

Amazing Ideas

Require access to an April Shower
1 Recipe
giant diamond ring giant diamond ring
ring setting + lump of diamond

Aquatic Jewelry

Require Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
6 Recipes
aquamariner's necklace aquamariner's necklace
long-forgotten necklace + marine aquamarine
aquamariner's ring aquamariner's ring
jam band + marine aquamarine
bezoar ring bezoar ring
extra-fancy ring setting + flytrap bezoar
pearl diver's necklace pearl diver's necklace
long-forgotten necklace + giant pearl
pearl diver's ring pearl diver's ring
giant pearl + jam band
shark tooth necklace shark tooth necklace
heavy necklace chain + shark tooth


Require Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
5 Recipes
bananarama bangle bananarama bangle
heavy necklace chain + bananagate
kumquartz ring kumquartz ring
extra-fancy ring setting + kumquartz
pair of pearidot earrings pair of pearidot earrings
precious piercing post + pearidot
strawberyl necklace strawberyl necklace
heavy necklace chain + strawberyl
tourmalime tourniquet tourmalime tourniquet
heavy necklace chain + tourmalime

Elemental Jewelry

Require Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
16 Recipes
Choker of the Ultragoth Choker of the Ultragoth
heavy necklace chain + unearthly onyx
Earring of Fire Earring of Fire
precious piercing post + steamy ruby
groovy prism necklace groovy prism necklace
heavy necklace chain + prismatic wad
Ice-Cold Aluminum Necklace Ice-Cold Aluminum Necklace
heavy necklace chain + glacial sapphire
Ice-Cold Beer Ring Ice-Cold Beer Ring
extra-fancy ring setting + glacial sapphire
Ice-Cold Beerring Ice-Cold Beerring
precious piercing post + glacial sapphire
Mudflap-Girl Earring Mudflap-Girl Earring
precious piercing post + tawdry amethyst
Mudflap-Girl Necklace Mudflap-Girl Necklace
heavy necklace chain + tawdry amethyst
Mudflap-Girl Ring Mudflap-Girl Ring
extra-fancy ring setting + tawdry amethyst
Nose Ring of Putrescence Nose Ring of Putrescence
precious piercing post + effluvious emerald
Pendant of Fire Pendant of Fire
heavy necklace chain + steamy ruby
Putrid Pendant Putrid Pendant
heavy necklace chain + effluvious emerald
Ring of Fire Ring of Fire
extra-fancy ring setting + steamy ruby
Ring of the Sewer Snake Ring of the Sewer Snake
extra-fancy ring setting + effluvious emerald
The Ring The Ring
extra-fancy ring setting + unearthly onyx
Unspeakable Earring Unspeakable Earring
precious piercing post + unearthly onyx

Expensive Pork Elf Jewelry

Require Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
9 Recipes
filigreed hamethyst earring filigreed hamethyst earring
hamethyst + precious piercing post
filigreed hamethyst necklace filigreed hamethyst necklace
hamethyst + heavy necklace chain
filigreed hamethyst ring filigreed hamethyst ring
hamethyst + extra-fancy ring setting
pulled porquoise earring pulled porquoise earring
porquoise + precious piercing post
pulled porquoise pendant pulled porquoise pendant
porquoise + heavy necklace chain
pulled porquoise ring pulled porquoise ring
porquoise + extra-fancy ring setting
solid baconstone earring solid baconstone earring
baconstone + precious piercing post
solid baconstone necklace solid baconstone necklace
baconstone + heavy necklace chain
solid baconstone ring solid baconstone ring
baconstone + extra-fancy ring setting

Horrifying Jewelry

Requires Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
1 Recipe
doll-eye amulet doll-eye amulet
heavy necklace chain + droopy doll eye


The torquoise ring does not require Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting. However, the floaty rock necklace does.
2 Recipes
floaty rock necklace floaty rock necklace
heavy necklace chain + floaty rock
torquoise ring torquoise ring
ring setting + torquoise

Miscellaneous Jewelry

Requires Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
2 Recipes
moon-amber necklace moon-amber necklace
heavy necklace chain + polished moon-amber
Pendant of Gargalesis Pendant of Gargalesis
heavy necklace chain + mangled finger

Pork Elf Jewelry

12 Recipes
baconstone earring baconstone earring
piercing post + baconstone
baconstone pendant baconstone pendant
necklace chain + baconstone
baconstone ring baconstone ring
baconstone + ring setting
dark baconstone ring dark baconstone ring
baconstone + black gold
dark hamethyst ring dark hamethyst ring
hamethyst + black gold
dark porquoise ring dark porquoise ring
porquoise + black gold
hamethyst earring hamethyst earring
piercing post + hamethyst
hamethyst necklace hamethyst necklace
necklace chain + hamethyst
hamethyst ring hamethyst ring
hamethyst + ring setting
porquoise eyebrow ring porquoise eyebrow ring
piercing post + porquoise
porquoise necklace porquoise necklace
necklace chain + porquoise
porquoise ring porquoise ring
porquoise + ring setting

Rainbow Pearl Jewelry

Require Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
3 Recipes
rainbow pearl earring rainbow pearl earring
precious piercing post + rainbow pearl
rainbow pearl necklace rainbow pearl necklace
heavy necklace chain + rainbow pearl
rainbow pearl ring rainbow pearl ring
extra-fancy ring setting + rainbow pearl

Vampire Pearl Jewelry

3 Recipes
vampire pearl earring vampire pearl earring
piercing post + vampire pearl
vampire pearl necklace vampire pearl necklace
necklace chain + vampire pearl
vampire pearl ring vampire pearl ring
ring setting + vampire pearl

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