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On May 15, 2005, the player PhilANThropiSt (of, at the time, The Rye) created a new clan called Wings of a Dove. A month later, it was recreated as Jicken Wings, and has remained as such since. At the time, the clan was notorious for recruiting many well-known players, and entertained Jick and (a multi of) Mr Skullhead for several months. The clan was created for no particular purpose, and its primary activities were socializing and "rafflebotting" (playing the rafflebot that existed before the MMG).

In July 2005, PhilANThropiSt handed leadership of the clan to player Rushed Luncheon. Since then, leadership has been held by several players, including Soulcake, ePeterso2, MiNiZ, and Hojo Hominygrits.

Jicken Wings has done very little of historical significance since its creation, and maintains this wiki page simply as a curiosity. When in doubt, refer to the clan credo:

"Our ability to achieve our goals is seriously compromised by an abject lack of ambition and inability to visualize beyond our next beer, which is just as well, since whatever crooked potential we might possess is probably best left unrealized."

Display Case Database

Members of Jicken Wings maintain the Display Case Database (DCDB), a web-based collection of collections. If you have any questions about the DCDB, please check out its FAQ.

Clan Bot

Jicken Wings maintains a clan chatbot, called (appropriately) Jicken Wings. Originally developed by ePeterso2 and now adapted for the KoLmafia platform, it is watching you. It speaks softly and carries a large wang.

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