Juju Mojo Mask

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Triggers for summoning

Juju Mojo Mask
Juju Mojo Mask

This wooden mask, carved with the image of a snarling (but bemused) face, comes from one of the more tropical regions of Distant Lands. It's useful for decorating the walls of a tacky tiki bar, or for channeling the wrath of vengeful and powerful island gods. Whichever.

Type: accessory
Cannot be discarded

All Attributes +10%
+2 Stat(s) Per Fight
Big Mojo

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.
NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: Juju Mojo Masks)
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Item number: 4644
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)


  • July 2010's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Calls forth the wrath of various island gods.
  • This item cannot be equipped at the same time as the V for Vivala mask. Trying to do so yields this message:
    • You can't equip a Juju Mojo Mask because you're already wearing a V for Vivala mask.

Big Mojo

  • During combat, some actions will gain you the favor of a God, giving you one of the following intrinsic effects, each with its associated skill:

Using a muscle class skill on your opponent

Gaze v.gif Your combat prowess has caught the attention of the Volcano God. The eyes of your mask glow red.
(Gives the the Intrinsic effect Gaze of the Volcano God and the skill Wrath of the Volcano God)

Using a spell in combat

Gaze l.gif Your arcane skills have impressed the Lightning God. The eyes of your mask glow blue.
(Gives the Intrinsic effect Gaze of the Lightning God and the skill Wrath of the Lightning God)

Using a combat item or moxie class combat skill

Gaze t.gif Your subterfuge has amused the Trickster God. The eyes of your mask glow green.
(Gives the Intrinsic effect Gaze of the Trickster God and the skill Wrath of the Trickster God)
  • Conditions for acquiring a Gaze:
    • You are taking an action in combat that fulfills one of the Gaze requirements.
    • You do not already have a god's Gaze.
    • If you have not used the corresponding Wrath skill today, the Gaze activates. Otherwise, the chance of it activating depends on the number of times the Wrath was used:
      1. 3/4 chance of activation
      2. 2/4 chance of activation
      3. 1/4 chance of activation
      4. 1/8 chance of activation (thereafter)
      • Losing a Gaze by unequipping the mask does not reduce the chance of getting a Gaze.
      • Each Gaze/Wrath pair is on its own counter, so using Wrath of the Trickster God does not decrease the chance of getting Gaze of the Volcano God.
  • The effects persist until you remove the mask or use the skill.

See Also

Juju Mojo Mask gods
Gaze v.gif Volcano (muscle skills) Gaze l.gif Lightning (spells) Gaze t.gif Trickster (items/moxie skills)
Gaze Gaze Gaze
  • Hot Damage: (.9-1.1)*max HP
  • Recurring: 60% of the previous round's damage.
  • Damage: (1.8-2.2)*max MP
  • Stun for two rounds
Wrath Each round after activation:
  • Damage: 15% of monster's current HP
  • Delevel by 5-10


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Juju Mojo Mask
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