Killing jar

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killing jar
killing jar

Typically, a killing jar is just a regular glass jar with ether-soaked cotton at the bottom, which lepidopterists use to kill butterflies without damaging their wings. You don't know what a banshee would do with one, though, and whatever that faintly glowing ball of mist inside it is, it isn't a butterfly.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Weakens enemies somewhat and briefly stuns them

(In-game plural: killing jars)
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Item number: 6847
Description ID: 888987269
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Obtained From

The Haunted Library
banshee librarian

When Used

You throw the killing jar at your opponent -- it shatters, filling the air with ether and dying emotions. It gasps for air as its magic fury is snuffed out.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 6-12
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 6-12



  • This item may be a reference to the song "The Killing Jar", by Siouxsie and the Banshees.


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