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KolMohDee (#140988)

  • Growing Up

Born in the small town of New Jersey, KolMohDee (KMD) was raised on the streets. In and out of jail from an early age, it was there he joined the New Jersey Mafia as a numbers runner and food taster. Lacking the basic math skills numbers running required, he focused on taste testing, eventually moving up to become the top taster in NJ. He led a privileged life for years, until he was found taking bribes of food and drink from the Don's personal chef.

To avoid being "dealt with" by his recent employers, KMD was forced to leave town and change his name. It wasn't until recently that KMD has been able to secretly move back to NJ and become a DJ.

  • The KoL Years

Arguably the loudest of the Radio KoL DJs, KMD started playing the game in early July, 2004. After spending some time making enemies and bugging people on the forums and in chat, KMD began looking for a way to bug more people, more efficiently. His prayers were answered when he became a DJ for the recently started Radio KoL. Because the station was fairly new and desperate for DJs, they overlooked KMD's obvious lack of tact or talent and gave him a spot on the schedule.

Previously, one of KMD's greatest achievements as a DJ was his groundbreaking interview with BoozerBear. However, on a much more recent note, KMD finished a 24 hour telethon on air, raising more than 26k dollars to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. Jick, Xenophobe, Skully, and countless fellow DJs joined him on air to show their support for his great work.

  • Meggery

Meggery joined KMD as co-host and full time nanny. She does her best to keep KMD in check, and makes sure his contests run smoothly.

  • Testimonials / Quotes
"There's no bigger DJ on Radio KoL. And I mean that entirely literally and physically."
-Prima Vera Angelhair
"KMD gets all the ladies. But I really think all the guys should send him pictures as well."
"I want to tszuj KMD."



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