Latte lovers member's mug

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latte lovers member's mug
latte lovers member's mug

This white-enameled, insulated stainless steel latte cup is printed with the fun slogan: "Don't Talk to Me Until or While or After I've Had My Coffee". And because you get free refills, that's all your social problems solved forever!

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: latte lovers member's mugs)
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Item number: 9987
Description ID: 294224337
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Obtained From

latte lovers club card


  • Using this item brings you to the Latte Shop, in which you can refill your mug three times per day, selecting three enchantments based on the ingredients you choose. A wide variety of ingredients are available, but you must first unlock them by adventuring in certain zones.
  • At the end of a combat (regardless of whether you won, lost, ran, banished, etc) in a zone where you don't already have the ingredient, you will see a message, as shown below:
Ingredient Location Found Enchantment Text leading up to discovery Discovery Text
ancient spice The Mouldering Mansion +50 Spooky Damage Something smells spicy, and very very old.. You find an urn full of ancient spices (or maybe ashes, but probably spices) and send them to a barista via courier.
asp venom The Middle Chamber Weapon Damage +25 You hear a soft hissing nearby... oh no, your air mattress has sprung a leak. You find a large asp, and wring the poison out of it into a jar for the baristas back home.
basil The Overgrown Lot Regenerate 5 HP per Adventure You catch a whiff of something herbal in the breeze. No, a different herb. You find a clump of wild basil growing in a corner of the lot, and pick it for your local barista.
Belgian Vanilla Whitey's Grove All Stats +20% Something smells rich and exotic, and yet... ordinary. You find a large vanilla bean pod, which inexplicably has a little waxed mustache on it. Eager not to think about that too much, you give it to a passing barista.
blue chalks The Haunted Billiards Room +25 Cold Damage Hmm, everything in here has a thin layer of blue chalk dust on it. You find a box of blue chalk cubes and decide to give it to your local coffee shop for some reason.
bug-thistle The Bugbear Pens (pre-Felonia only) Mysticality +20 The bugbears in here seem to be chewing on some kind of plant. You find a patch of bug-thistle and wonder if it would be good in coffee. Only one way to find out!
butternut Madness Bakery +10 Spell Damage Something falls off a shelf behind you and makes a kind of squashy noise. You find a butternut squash, and throw it out the window toward your local coffee shop
cajun The Black Forest +40% Meat from Monsters Hmm, smells like something's burning! Hopefully it isn't you. You find a jar of red pepper and other spices, and ask a passing barista 'Cayenne you add this to the menu?' She hates you.
Carrot The Dire Warren +20% Items from Monsters Something smells like carrots -- probably a carrot? You find a bunch of carrots and give them to a passing barista, who cares not.
carrrdamom Barrrney's Barrr Regenerate 4-6 MP per Adventure There is a definite scent of potpoarrri on the air. What to[sic] pirates give their mothers on Mother's Day? A carrrdamom. Ha ha. (The barista doesn't laugh.)
chili seeds The Haunted Kitchen Serious Hot Resistance (+3) You smell something hot in here. By which I mean spicy hot, because regular hot doesn't really have a smell. You find a jar of chili seeds and give them to a barista before you accidentally mace yourself
clove The Sleazy Back Alley Serious Stench Resistance (+3) Smells like someone's been smoking those thin black cigarettes around here. You find a little tin of ground cloves -- hopefully your barista will think they're up to snuff.
coal The Haunted Boiler Room +25 Hot Damage You accidentally inhale a cloud of coal dust. Probably not good for you, but it tastes surprisingly okay? You find a little brazier of burning coals -- seems like a pretty good way to make your coffee even hotter.
cocoa powder The Icy Peak Serious Cold Resistance (+3) Something smells like chocolate... mmmmm A young lady from Switzerland gives you a packet of cocoa powder, which you mail to your local coffee shop.
diet soda The Cola Wars Battlefield (undisguised) Combat Initiative +50% You aren't sure what you're smelling, but it isn't calories. You find a jug of diet soda syrup (basically, thick water) and give it to a passing barista.
Dwarf Cream Itznotyerzitz Mine Muscle +30 You hear some dwarves "hi-ho"ing in the distance... and some dripping noises? You see a dwarf standing on a stepladder, milking a stalactite, and steal his pail before he notices you. I bet the local baristas will love this.
Dyspepsi The Cola Wars Battlefield (Dyspepsi uniform) Combat Initiative +25% The Dyspepsi soldiers in this part of the battlefield seem particularly sugared-up... You find the cart that the Dyspepsi army is using to haul jugs of pure Dyspepsi syrup, and steal one for the baristas back home.
filth milk The Feeding Chamber Damage Reduction: 20 Hmm, what do filthworms eat? Some kind of delicious honey, maybe? Hopefully? It turns out filthworms drink something the filthworm queen makes, which is called "filth milk". Because you have no better judgement, you take some to give to your barista.
fresh grass The Hidden Park +3 Stats Per Fight Something smells like a fresh spring morning. You discover a pile of fresh lawn clippings and bag them up for your barista.
fungus The Fungal Nethers Maximum MP +30 You smell... uh, do mushrooms smell like anything? You find a patch of mushrooms and pick a bunch at random. Hopefully the baristas know how to tell which ones are poisonous.
grave mold The Unquiet Garves +20 Spooky Damage It smells weird and musty here, like your grandma's sock drawer. You find a grave that's totally covered with mold, and decide to scrape some off to give to your barista. Presumably the grave's inhabitant won't mind sharing.
greek spice Orcish Frat House (Verge of War) (Frat/Undisguised) +25 Sleaze Damage Mmm, something smells like souvlaki in here. Souvlaki. Souvlaki. You find a jar labelled "ΣΠΙΣΗΣ" and give it to a passing σερβιτόρα.
grobold rum The Old Rubee Mine +25 Sleaze Damage In the distance, you hear an animatronic grobold whining about all the rum being gone. You find a stash of grobold rum and give it to an animatronic barista.
guarna The Bat Hole Entrance +4 Adventures Per Day The bats in here are flying really fast, like themselves out of hell. You find a pile of bat guano that glitters strangely in the dim light. Looks like these bats have been getting into a patch of guarana plants. You grab a buckful of the stuff, because hey, it's probably not the worst thing we're going to have you put in your coffee.
gunpowder 1st Floor, Shiawase-Mitsuhama Building Weapon Damage +50 Hmm, smells kinda like a John Woo movie in here. You find an office supplies cabinet that's full of bullets -- I guess that's not so unusual for a Yakuza corporation. You steal a jar of gunpowder for the baristas back home, even though that doesn't make any sense because you're just in a flashback or whatever?
Health Potion The Daily Dungeon Regenerate 10-20 HP per Adventure Something smells... red? You find a big plastic pump-style jug full of red syrup with a red cross on the front, and give it to a passing barista.
hellion The Dark Neck of the Woods +6 PvP Fights Per Day What even is in a hellion cube? Whatever it is, you're smelling it. You find a small pile of hellion cubes on the ground and pick them up to give to the next barista you meet. Did you know hellions are similar to wombats in at least one way?
hobo spices Hobopolis Town Square Damage Absorption +50 There is a piquant bouquet of cigar butt and Sterno on the breeze. You find a jar labelled "Hobo Spices". You don't know what's in it, and neither do I, but why not try it in a latte sometime?
hot sausage Cobb's Knob Barracks Muscle +50% You hear the sizzling sound of something being fried extra-greasy. Some goblin has left his frying pan unattended, so you steal his big greasy sausage for your local barista.
hot wing The Dark Heart of the Woods +10% Combat Frequency Something smells like a buffalo. Or at least part of one. You find a plate of hot wings and give them to a passing barista. She rolls her eyes at you and shrugs.
ink The Haunted Library -10% Combat Frequency You hear the scratching of old fountain pens nearby. You find a large bottle of india ink. Do you like your coffee black? I mean really black?
kombucha The Hippy Camp (Verge of War) (Hippy/Undisguised) +25 Stench Damage I don't know what kombucha smells like but it's probably bad and that's what you're smelling right now. You find a bottle of homemade kombucha, which wikipedia says is fermented yeast tea. Which is exactly something a hippy would drink, and a crazy person would put in their coffee.
Lihc saliva The Defiled Niche +25 Spooky Damage You hear an unpleasant sound like a damp sponge being dragged across the cyrpt wall. A lihc scuttles away as you round the corner; it appears, from the glistening sheen, that it was licking the walls. You collect some of the saliva in a jar -- the baristas are gonna get a real kick out of this one.
lizard milk The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert Regenerate 5-15 MP per Adventure You hear a dripping noise and the hissing of lizards. This room has a bunch of large caged lizards in it, and a pail full of what you can only assume must be lizard milk. Try not to think about that too hard, nor the fact that you're going to be putting some of that in your coffee later.
Macaroni The Haunted Pantry Maximum HP +20 You catch a whiff of espresso and macaroni. You find a crate of espresso-grade noodles and drop them off with your barista.
mega sausage Cobb's Knob Laboratory Moxie +50% You hear the loud sizzling and popping grease of someone frying something really big. You find the biggest sausage you've ever seen -- like if you just took a pig and shook it until its insides got mixed up. Wait'll the baristas at your local coffee shop see this!
motor oil The Old Landfill +20 Sleaze Damage You see something glistening with a rainbow sheen in the distance. You find a large puddle of old motor oil -- just the thing to add a beautiful shimmering rainbow to your coffee! Won't that be fancy as heck?
MSG The Briniest Deepests +15% chance of Critical Hit The water here is wildly salty, even for the ocean. You distill some pure MSG from the ocean water. Those good good flavor crystals will make one helluva cup of coffee.
norwhal milk The Ice Hole Maximum HP +200% You hear someone whistling a traditional Viking milking song. ...How did you recognize it? You find a milking stool with a pail next to it... looks like your next latte is gonna have an especially Nordic flavor to it. I don't know what I mean by that.
oil paint The Haunted Gallery +5 Prismatic Damage You hear someone beating the devil out of a two-inch paintbrush. Someone's left a large painter's pallette here, with thick blobs of Alizarin Crimson, Pthalo Blue, Sap Green, and Titanium White on it. This'll add up to one almighty cup of coffee.
paradise milk The Stately Pleasure Dome All Stats +20 You hear someone crying, "Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes, his floating hair!" ...that's a little ominous. You find a crystal jar labelled "Milk of Paradise", and know you'll be spendin' most your life drinking coffee with this in it.
rawhide The Spooky Forest +5 to Familiar Weight You hear a rousing tune and the crack of a whip nearby. In a hollow tree, you find a stash of rawhide dog chews that a werewolf was saving for later? I guess? Anyway they're yours now, and I bet they'll go great in your coffee.
rock salt The Brinier Deepers +10% chance of Critical Hit The water around here is even more salty than you would have expected. You knock some large salt deposits off the side of a reef and give them to a scuba-diving barista.
salt The Briny Deeps +5% chance of Critical Hit Whoo, this section of ocean is pretty salty. You distill some of the salt out of the water to put in your coffee later. Salty coffe[sic] is probably pretty good, right?
sandalwood Noob Cave All Stats +5 You are positively incensed by how much it smells like incense in here. It looks like one of these crates the noobs have been smashing was made of sandalwood. Which is super expensive to be making packing crates out of, but their loss is your barista's gain.
sausage Cobb's Knob Kitchens Mysticality +50% You hear the sizzling sound of something being fried. You find a bag with a label on it that you can't read. It turns out to be full of sausages, which you steal for your local coffee shop.
space pumpkin The Hole in the Sky All Stats +10 Mmm, something smells like a delightful blend of space-cinnamon and space-nutmeg. You find a jar full of some kind of brown powder. You can't read the label, but it smells pretty good, so it'll probably taste good in coffee. It definitely probably isn't some kind of alien spores or anything.
spaghetti squash The Copperhead Club Spell Damage +20 You catch a faint whiff of basil and oregano on the air. While nobody's looking, you steal a spaghetti squash from the kitchen and smuggle it out of the restaurant under your jacket.
teeth The VERY Unquiet Garves +25 Spooky Damage, Weapon Damage +25 The skeletons here all have coffee-stained teeth. Hmm, that gives you an idea... You grab a handful of loose teeth off of the ground, and give them to a barista. She seems annoyed that you're interrupting her grandma's funeral, but she takes them anyway.
vitamin The Dark Elbow of the Woods +3 Familiar Experience Per Combat The imps around here seem particularly healthy and hardy for some reason. You find a jar of vitamin pills (specifically vitamins G, L, P, and W), and give them to a passing barista.
white flour The Road to the White Citadel Serious Sleaze Resistance (+3) An extremely low-flying cloud floats past your head, making you sneeze. You find a bag of all-purpose flour and give it to a passing barista. Coffee is a purpose, after all.
squamous salt The Caliginous Abyss Serious Spooky Resistance (+3) You smell a scent that I cannot possibly describe, for your mind could not fathom it. You discover a large crystal with facets that twist through impossible geometries. Trembling, you reach out to break off a shard of it and give it a lick... oh, it's just salt. Okay well, might as well give it to a barista then.
  • Getting a Barrel God drop appears to suppress the message even if you don't have the ingredient yet.
  • Ingredients and the current enchantments persist over rollover, but are lost upon ascension.
  • The name of this item changes depending on its content.
  • While equipped adds additional combat skills:
    • Throw Latte on Opponent - Free run away and banishes a monster for 30 adventures
    • Offer Latte to Opponent - Adds more of this monster to the queue (Olfaction-lite)
    • Gulp Latte - Staggers the monster and restores HP and MP
    • These skills can be used once each, and gain an additional use per refill. This results in 4 overall uses of each skill per day.
  • Upon receiving the mug for the first time, or upon starting a new ascension, the mug will have no enchantments, but the three above skills will be usable before refilling it with ingredients.
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    "Don't even talk to me after reincarnation until I've had my latte," you think. And then you see that your member's mug followed you to this life.
    Lattecup1.gifYou acquire an item: latte lovers member's mug


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