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Legacy of Loathing is the Summer 2023 special challenge path, introduced on May 15th, 2023. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Play with replica items from the past 20 years of Mr. Store!"


You can't use non-replica familiars right now.
  • You may not pull equipment from Hagnk's Ancestral Mini-Storage:
    Only food, booze, potions, combat and usable items may be pulled on this path.
  • Your IotMs don't auto-pull.
  • And IotMs that are usable items (like the potted power plant) can't be pulled manually either.
  • There is no access to the Clan VIP Lounge, or your Workshed, even to use non-IOTM items that could exist in the VIP Lounge or Workshed. The ball pit, if you have one, in the Clan Rumpus Room is also considered too old to be used on this path.
  • The Standard restrictions are expanded with items and skills derived from the IotMs replicated in this path.
  • You cannot enter The Sea:
    That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.


  • Your adventure begins with "Starting Your Legacy."
  • You start the run with a replica Mr. Accessory. You loot another from every main boss you defeat (for a total of +8 replicas).
    • You start with 1 additional replica Mr. Accessory for each standard Legacy of Loathing run you've completed, and 2 additional for each completed hardcore run, up to a maximum of 19 extra replicas (i.e. a starting total of 20).
    • If you have a Cincho de Mayo and/or 2002 Mr. Store Catalog and/or Patriotic Eagle and/or august scepter, you start with an additional replica Mr. Accessory per IotM. These four IOTMs are "special" for 2023 because they were the IOTMs that were in Mr. Store during May, June, July and August 2023, the months during which Legacy of Loathing spent time as the "current active" challenge path (15 May to 15 August).
      • Thus, in total, the maximum replicas you can ever have over the course of one run is 32: 20 to start, +4 if you own the relevant IOTMs from 2023, +8 gained in-run.
  • Replica Mr. Store is available in Market Square.
    • Within this store you can purchase one of three replica Items of the Month (IotM) for each year. The years start with 2004 and end in 2022.
Table of available replicas
year replicas in stock:
2004 Jilldark.gif
Dark Jill-O-Lantern
hand turkey outline
crimbo elfling
2005 Maypole.gif
replica miniature gravy-
covered maypole
replica wax lips
pygmy bugbear shaman
2006 Book.gif
replica Tome of Snowcone Summoning
replica jewel-eyed wizard hat
replica plastic pumpkin bucket
2007 Brcrossbow.gif
replica bottle-rocket crossbow
replica navel ring of navel gazing
replica V for Vivala mask
2008 Fireworksbox.gif
replica little box of fireworks
cotton candy cocoon
replica haiku katana
2009 Banderlarva.gif
Apathargic Bandersnatch
replica Elvish sunglasses
squamous polyp
2010 Jujumask.gif
replica Juju Mojo Mask
replica Greatest American Pants
organ grinder
2011 Acuteangel.gif
a cute angel
replica Operation Patriot Shield
replica plastic vampire fangs
2012 Book3.gif
replica Libram of Resolutions
replica Camp Scout backpack
deactivated nanobots
2013 Floristform.gif
replica Order of the Green Thumb Order Form
replica over-the-shoulder Folder Holder
replica Smith's Tome
2014 Genelab.gif
replica Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab
still grill
Crimbo sapling
2015 Cmkey.gif
replica Chateau Mantegna room key
yellow puck
replica Deck of Every Card
2016 Chessset.gif
replica Witchess Set
disconnected intergnat
replica Source terminal
2017 Planula.gif
space planula
unpowered Robortender
Gbottle open.gif
replica genie bottle
2018 Tote open.gif
replica January's Garbage Tote
Godlob egg.gif
God Lobster Egg
replica Neverending Party invitation envelope
2019 Saugrinder.gif
replica Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™
replica Fourth of May Cosplay Saber
replica hewn moon-rune spoon
2020 Pglove.gif
replica Powerful Glove
baby camelCalf
replica Cargo Cultist Shorts
2021 Famball.gif
replica miniature crystal ball
Emochip clean.gif
replica emotion chip
replica industrial fire extinguisher
2022 Greygosling.gif
grey gosling
replica designer sweatpants
replica Jurassic Parka
  • Only one year's IotM are available at a time. When you purchase one, the next year's items become available instead.
  • When you purchase an item from 2022, the items from 2004 become available again, and so on.
  • You are not stopped from purchasing a second of the same item, even where that makes no sense.
  • Up until June 5th, 2023, using a second hatchling behaved as if it were the first one of that type you'd used. If you used the second one with the first one out: it created a second familiar of that type in the terrarium. Taking this second one with you reset its weight to zero and destroyed any familiar item that was equipped.
  • When you use a replica familiar hatchling, if you own the real version of that familiar, the replica will be named after that familiar. (Like in Bad Moon.) If you don't, it'll receive a default name. If you rename a replica, that name will not be applied to the real familiar, and it will not carry over to replicas in future ascensions.


  • All replica familiars and equipment disappear immediately upon freeing the King, as does Replica Mr. Store.
  • Some effects from replicas may linger into aftercore, however, like intrinsic effects received from the Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab.


General advice

  • Remember to set up your breakfast muffin before you ascend, so you can get a muffin tin to use in-run -- bran muffin is probably the best for low-progression runs.
  • With low progression, getting enough stats to level may be difficult. Consider drinking two meat muck with Cincho: Dispense Salt and Lime for 150 to each substat per drink from level 4 onwards.
  • Seal Clubbers also have access to a banishing skill, which is vital for low-progression runs. Moxie classes do get to Pickpocket, though, and may be worth a look once you have enough progression.
  • There is also some things to know about specific replica items.
    • You can powerlevel your Bandersnatch by casting Saucestorm against a monster immune to elemental damage -- Spawn of Wally is a good pick for a Seal Clubber, as you'll probably be opening the guild anyway to get Ticking Clock. Cannelloni Cannon is (usually) more expensive but can be tuned with Flavour of Magic to fight elementally aligned foes.
    • The Source Terminal has its own progression mechanics, involving items that are very rarely dropped by the Extract skill. Farming all the files and then manufacturing all the chips will take a very long time. However, in a softcore run, you can just pull and use all the single-use chips, as well as all the files. Some chips you'll have to make for yourself, though. Fortunately, all upgrades are permanent across future ascensions.

Astral gear, consumables and moon sign

Softcore-specific stratagems

Replica Mr. Store choices

  • Making good purchases from Replica Mr. Store is key to having an enjoyable time in this path. Below is a suggested shopping list, which should cover most of your needs.
  • Remember that you only get eight replica Mr. Accessory from fighting bosses, four of which come from the level 11 and level 12 quests. Therefore, later runs (where you can buy more items immediately) are very different from early runs (where you'll spend most of your time with only the first 2-5 items.) For your first few runs, pick items with immediate utility. Planning becomes more important as you progress through your runs.
Shopping list
Year Recommended purchase (with little progression) Recommended purchase (with lots of progression) Notes
2004 Elfling.gif crimbo elfling Hand.gif hand turkey outline Item drop bonuses are universally useful, so you really want a fairy-type familiar as soon as possible. However, once you have some progression, you can use the angel from 2011, which frees up 2004 for the leprechaun. You don't need the volleyball-type familiar here - the impact on stat gains is rather minor, and you'll always get the Bandersnatch from 2009 anyway.
2005 Maypole.gif miniature gravy-covered maypole Maypole.gif miniature gravy-covered maypole Not an impressive year. If you have an astral pet sweater, and so little progression that you won't get the Bandersnatch anytime soon, then you might as well buy the shaman instead. Otherwise, the item drop bonus is nice to have.
2006 Wizhat.gif jewel-eyed wizard hat Book.gif replica Tome of Snowcone Summoning With low progression but a high number of skills permed, the jewel-eyed wizard hat is one of the only sources of MP regen you can get this early, and it makes your buffs last longer too (and is near-required if you're running shaman). The snowcones only provide minor bonuses, so if you don't have any familiar equipment yet, consider the pumpkin basket.
2007 Navelring.gif navel ring of navel gazing Vivala.gif V for Vivala mask Free runaways are extremely useful for delay-burning. The V mask also provides a free banish once a day. However, you can also get the Greatest American Pants from 2010, which frees up 2007 for the V mask.
2008 Hkatana.gif haiku katana Hkatana.gif haiku katana If you still don't have a familiar equipment, get the box of fireworks. Otherwise, the katana has some utility, especially if you also got the V mask.
2009 Banderlarva.gif Apathargic Bandersnatch Banderlarva.gif Apathargic Bandersnatch The Bandersnatch is one of the most powerful IotMs ever released, providing a free runaway for every 5 lbs of familiar weight. It's also a Volleyball-type familiar if you need the experience gain. This one is an obvious pick.
2010 Grinder.gif organ grinder Gapants.gif Greatest American Pants Leprechaun-type familiars are useful in exactly three spots, and the pies are a nice bonus. If you didn't pick the navel ring above, you should take the Greatest American Pants here, because they use the same counter for free runaways.
2011 Acuteangel.gif a cute angel Acuteangel.gif a cute angel Fire a badly romantic arrow is the first source of copying monsters available on this path, which is vital for lobsterfrogman farming and useful in some other spots. Other sources become available later, but since the alternatives for 2011 are not particularly exciting, you probably still pick the angel.
2012 Nanobox.gif deactivated nanobots Book3.gif replica Libram of Resolutions Unleash Nanites with Nanoballsy active provides a yellow ray effect that can reasonably be used once a day. Once you have access to other yellow ray effects, the Libram is the better pick.
2013 Book4.gif replica Smith's Tome Book4.gif replica Smith's Tome The Smith's Tome was an infamously powerful item in its day, providing access to high-quality equipment, food and booze, as well as banishers and yellow rays. Sheila Take a Crossbow is a good source of Combat Initiative.
2014 Stillgrill.gif still grill Genelab.gif Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab The grill is a sombrero / starfish that offers a way to boost ML. At low progression when you're struggling to level quickly, it's a large boon.

The DNA lab provides a wide variety of buffs, including elemental damage and meat/item drops.

2015 Deckdeck.gif replica Deck of Every Card Deckdeck.gif replica Deck of Every Card The Deck of Every Card offers tower keys (which makes it a natural pick for Hardcore), stats for levelling, ores, wool and some buffs (stats / init / item).

Also consider Chateau Mantegna to fight copies of certain important monsters, gain extra free rests for Cincho: Fiesta Exit (and later more adventures to meet daycount), and maybe get some potions or meat.

2016 Sourceterminal.gif Source terminal Sourceterminal.gif Source terminal Another infamously powerful IotM that provides everything you could possibly want - buffs, monster copies, and EPIC-quality food/booze. Note that the terminal has its own set of progression mechanics (described elsewhere on this page.)
2017 Gbottle open.gif genie bottle Gbottle open.gif genie bottle While the robortender's booze +Meat drop bonus are quite powerful, it doesn't measure up to the genie bottle, which provides the ability to summon monsters for you to fight and particular effects, like extra sleaze damage for the zeppelin.
2018 Tote open.gif January's Garbage Tote Tote open.gif January's Garbage Tote Provides a variety of useful bonuses (including +Item drop and experience gain). The other two choices mostly provide free fights, which is nice, but subject to diminishing returns.
2019 May4sword.gif Fourth of May Cosplay Saber Saugrinder.gif Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™ Banishers and copiers are in short supply, and the saber provides both. Plus, +10 familiar weight means 2 more free runaways from the Bandersnatch, and it's a great quality-of-life improvement in general. However, the extra delay-burning and the free scaling fights and the bonus turn generation from the Kramco make it the better item for cutting-edge competitive runs.
2020 Camelcalf.gif baby camelCalf Camelcalf.gif baby camelCalf Speeds up desert exploration, duplicates item drops. The Powerful Glove is less powerful now that you no longer need white pixels, and the functionality of the Cargo Cultist Shorts is already covered by other IotMs.
2021 Emochip clean.gif emotion chip Emochip clean.gif emotion chip One of relatively few sources of -combat %, and another banisher besides, with a lot more utility on top. While there are no bad choices for this year, the emotion chip is probably more universally useful.
2022 Jparka7.gif Jurassic Parka Jparka7.gif Jurassic Parka Forces non-combats, provides a yellow ray effect with a relatively short charge time, and offers some other incidental buffs. Also the only worthwhile shirt available in hardcore. The grey goose is also very powerful, but not as universally useful.

Other uses for replica items

This path offers benefits of some IotMs without owning them. There are many possible applications of this, some are listed here. But it's important to know that most of this is only possible before the prism is broken (as the replicas are lost after that), and during that some things like non-replica familiars are not available. It's also important to calculate when a given replica will be available, as many of the ones listed below require many replica Mr. Accessories.


  • Finishing a Legacy of Loathing run while it is the current special challenge path -- between May 15th, 2023, (and August 15th, 2023) -- gives players 50 (in Normal) or 100 (in Hardcore) extra karma points the next time they visit Valhalla.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold splendor beetle statuette upon defeating the Naughty Sorceress.
  • Players in Hardcore gain the stainless steel equipment for their class.
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