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There are six Legendary Epic Weapons that can be obtained in the Kingdom of Loathing, one for each class. All of these weapons have a power of 90, a main attribute requirement of 15, and a similar creation method. First obtain the Epic Weapon for your class, and meatsmith it with a class-specific item from the Fun House. Since this third item is a class-specific quest reward, the Legendary Epic Weapons can only be constructed (or even possessed) by a character of the appropriate class. As of NS13, there is a guild quest which involves the making of your character's class Legendary Epic Weapon, and eventually obtaining the Ultimate Legendary Epic Weapon.

Recipe Guide

Epic Weapon Hammer.gif Beelzebozo Reward Equals.gif Legendary Epic Weapon
Class1.gif Sealbane.gif
Bjorn's Hammer
  Ep blood.gif
distilled seal blood
Hammer of Smiting
Class2.gif Turtlemace.gif
Mace of the Tortoise
Ep chain.gif
turtle chain
Chelonian Morningstar
Class3.gif Perilpasta.gif
Pasta Spoon of Peril
Ep oil.gif
high-octane olive oil
Greek Pasta Spoon of Peril
Class4.gif 5alarm.gif
5-Alarm Saucepan
Ep corns.gif
Peppercorns of Power
17-alarm Saucepan
Class5.gif Discobanjo.gif
Disco Banjo
Ep mojo.gif
vial of mojo
Shagadelic Disco Banjo
Class6.gif Legend.gif
Rock and Roll Legend
Ep reeds.gif
golden reeds
Squeezebox of the Ages


  • Prior to a June 2nd, 2015 update, the Epic Weapon for each class was meatsmithable, regardless of character class.

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