Lending a Hand (and a Foot)

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Lending a Hand (and a Foot)
Lending a Hand (and a Foot)

When you haven't accepted the quest yet:

"Sale? Oh, ha ha no, there's no sale. I was just trying to trick somebody into coming in here to help me."

"That seems a little... shady..." you reply.

"Hey, when you're just a head and a torso, you've gotta use every trick in the book. Well, at least every trick on the page the book is currently open to. And you're here, so obviously it worked, so are you gonna help me or not?"

"What do you need help with?" you ask.

"I just need you to head over to the bakery on the Right Side of the Tracks and pick up a pie."

"A pie?"

"Yeah, a pie. A special kind of pie you can eat with just your face. Madeline, the lady who owns the bakery, was supposed to deliver it yesterday and she never showed up."

Okay, fine. I'll go get your pie.

"Oh man, great. I'm freakin' starving, here. The bakery's easy to find."

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifMadness Bakery, in Right Side of the Tracks.
I don't appreciate your manipulative tactics.

"Sigh... Fine. Being totally ethical and also starving to death is a pretty cool option, I guess."


You take your leave.

When you have accepted the quest, but have not completed the objective:

"Any luck getting that pie from the bakery on the Right Side of the Tracks? I'm awfully hungry..."

Okay, I'll be right back.

"Please hurry. I really like pie."


You take your leave.

When you have defeated the Cake Lord in the Madness Bakery, rescued Madeline and gotten the no-handed pie:

Here's your special pie.

"Hooray, thanks!" He dives facefirst into the pie and scarfs it down lickety-split (and lickety-pan.)

A weird look crosses his face, and a moment later he coughs up a small metal object.

"Boy, Madeline's gonna get sued if she doesn't start being more careful. Hey, get rid of that thing, would you? I'd pick it up myself, but... You know..."

You grab the little metal thing and leave before the gratefulness becomes too overwhelming.

Clwidget.gifYou acquire an item: popular part

You take your leave.

Occurs at The Armory and Leggery.