Less-than-three-shaped box

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less-than-three-shaped box
less-than-three-shaped box

Does the giant <3 on this box indicate affection, or that the box can only contain two types of items? Probably both.

It's entirely possible that the contents of this box have been trapped inside it for weeks. It's sort of like a magnet tar pit trap in there.

Type: gift package
Cannot be traded or discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: less-than-three-shaped boxes)
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Item number: 1168
Description ID: 938194457
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Obtained From

Sent from The Gift Shop (100 Meat)

When Used

The cockles of your heart (or perhaps the sub-cockle region) are warmed as you open the box. You're not inclined to make any complaints, old or new.


  • This package will hold 2 types of items.


  • The item description and open message make use of some lyrics from Nirvana's 1993 song "Heart-Shaped Box": "I've been trapped inside your heart-shaped box for weeks / I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap" and "Hey! Wait! / I've got a new complaint."
  • The first sentence of the open message is a reference to Denis Leary's song "Asshole": "About that special feeling we get in the cockles of our hearts, maybe below the cockles, maybe in the subcockle area."
  • This item is also a reference to using the "<3" emoticon to represent a heart in Internet discourse.


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