Letter to Ed the Undying

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letter to Ed the Undying
letter to Ed the Undying

This is a letter addressed to you, which is weird. Who knows that you're out of your pyramid, or even that you exist at all? And why was it in a bird nest on top of a mountain?

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: letters to Ed the Undying)
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Item number: 7959
Description ID: 855687606
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Obtained From

Ascension reward
Find in the Toot Oriole's abandoned nest as Actually Ed the Undying

When Used

Dear Mr. the Undying:

On behalf of the Jackal Demon Soul Collection and Banking Authority, allow me to welcome you back to the land of the living. (Not that you ever really left it, per se.) We wish you good luck in your quest to retreive the Holy MacGuffin, and hope that your time spent in the mortal realm will be profitable.

Please accept these gifts as a token of our esteem.

-Yrs sincerely, Akh'grach'gahoo, JDSCBA Vice-Treasurer

Ugh, those guys. If there's one thing worse than Netherworld politicians, it's the Netherworld financial goons. It's no coincidence that they all have jackal heads.

'Profitable', indeed. And what gifts was he talking about?

And then some stuff materializes at your feet. These gifts, I guess.
Sack1.gifYou acquire an item: pork elf goodies sack
Disclover.gifYou acquire an item: disassembled clover