Like Butter

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Like Butter
Like Butter

As you approach the Dark Elbow of the woods, you hear a "psst... pssst..." from beneath a nearby tree.

You move closer to investigate, and find an L imp hiding behind the trunk.

"Hey, man, can you give me a hand?" he asks. "I dropped my crutch, and I can't reach it. Grab it for me, and I'll give you this knife..."

Your mother always told you to be a good samaritan, and you're relatively sure that her advice is applicable even to a minion of Satan.

Bknife.gifYou acquire an item: eldritch butterknife

Occurred at The Dark Elbow of the Woods.


  • The title of this adventure may refer to the Coffee Talk skits of Saturday Night Live, where the host, Linda Richman, often says things are "like butter"
  • It may also or instead refer to the Tribe Called Quest song "Butter" which has the line "I'm smooth like butter".
  • Also, the saying "Like a hot knife through butter" may be relevant, as a stolen item is said to be "hot".