Lil' Doctor™ bag

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Lil' Doctor™ bag
Lil' Doctor™ bag

The best toys are aspirational (but large enough to not represent an aspiration hazard) and this doctor's bag fits the bill. The extremely high bill that there's no way your insurance is going to cover.

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded

Maximum HP +15
Regenerate 4-7 HP per Adventure
Lets you perform various medical procedures on enemies

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: Lil' Doctor™ bags)
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Item number: 10166
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Obtained From

mint condition Lil' Doctor™ bag


  • Grants three combat skills, three times per day each:
  • The bag's enchantments increase by +5 Maximum HP and 1 point of HP regeneration for every five of its quests you have completed, to a maximum of +50 Max HP and +11 to +14 HP regeneration. These upgrades, including partial progress indicated by the number of green lights on your bag, are permanent across ascension.
  • On the Dark Gyffte path, grants an extra blood bag once per day, after combat:
You notice a button on your doctor bag that you hadn't seen before. You press it, and the bag dispenses a bag of blood. Yum!
Bloodbag.gifYou acquire an item: blood bag
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    You see a toy doctor's bag on the ground nearby. Hey, you had one just like that when you were younger!
    Dbag.gifYou acquire an item: Lil' Doctor™ bag


  • When worn, you will sometimes receive a call (Is There A Doctor In The House?) at the end of combat. You may choose to begin a quest, decline the quest, or ignore the bag's quests for the rest of the day. The first call of the day occurs after 10 combats. After completing or declining a quest, the next call will appear after 10 combats plus 5 combats for each call you've received today. Combat victories with the bag equipped (including free fights) advance this counter, but runaways and non-combats do not.
  • The quest asks you to give one of nine healing items (Doc Galaktik's Vitality Serum, anti-anti-antidote, cast, plaid bandage, palm-frond fan, phonics down, antique bottle of cough syrup, bag of pygmy blood, or red blood cells) to a patient in a randomly-chosen zone.
  • Adventure in the zone until you encounter A Pound of Cure, which will appear after at least 15+5*M adventures, where M is the number of times you have completed the quest today.
    • This quest timer advances with every adventure in the zone, including free runaways. You do not need to have the bag equipped to complete the quest.
  • Your reward is N×500 meat, where N is the number of quests completed this ascension (capped at 50,000 after 100 quests).
  • You also gain progress toward upgrading your bag, improving its enchantments by +5 Maximum HP and 1 point of HP regeneration for each set of five quests completed, up to 7 sets of 5 quests completed (35 total quests completed, for a final enchantment of +50 hp and 11-14 hp restored per adventure).

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