Linnea's Monster Truck

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
Lady Linnea's Spooky Monster Truck

Lady Linnea's Spooky Monster Truck was found in Crimbotown Right-About-Now but was replaced by Uncle Crimbo's Mobile Home on December 25, 2006. The same spooky toys are still available for construction though.

Lady Linnea

AIIIIIEEEE! I mean, welcome, adventurer, to my bone-chilling Crimboween! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

You've managed to scrounge:
X spooky length of string
X evil googly eye
X spooky stuffing
X spooky felt
X spooky wooden block
X spooky toy wheel

Spooky Toymaking

To obtain all items, you need 7 spooky lengths of string, 14 evil googly eyes, 12 spooky wads of stuffing, 7 spooky squares of felt, 12 spooky wooden blocks, and 10 spooky toy wheels.

And I can make these sanity-shredding delights:

Spooky Toymaking Text

  • If you don't have the items required:
    Lady Linnea says, "What is this, Midnight Wimp Bowling League? You don't have anything for me to work with. Try fighting some of my minions in the Spooky Fright Factory, if you dare.... mwa-ha-ha-ha!"
  • Successful toymaking:
    You hand the parts to the Scream Queen. She says, "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHH -- Hey, that is not your cue! You stepped on my scream. Anyway, I suppose I can make some frightful playthings out of these parts. But be careful what you wish for.... mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
    Evilkite.gifYou acquire an item: Spooky Toy


  • Despite Jick's dislike of the number, there are 13 spooky toys that can be made. This is because the 14th toy from Crimbo 2005, the doll house, does not have a Crimboween counterpart.


  • Linnea's line, "What is this, Midnight Wimp Bowling League?" is a reference to the movie "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama," starring one of the most famous scream queens of all time, Linnea Quigley (after whom Linnea herself is named).
  • The line "Hey, that is not your cue! You stepped on my scream" is a reference to the same line Linnea Quigley utters in the movie "The Guyver" in which she plays, ironically, a character named "The Scream Queen".
  • A "monster truck" is a vehicle (usually a pickup truck) which has been modified to have oversized wheels and suspension and is used in racing and other motorsport competitions. In this case Linnea has a literal "monster truck".