Linoleum staff

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linoleum staff
linoleum staff

This is a linoleum staff. What's long, hard, and smells like linoleum? This.

(Meatsmithing component)
Type: weapon (2-handed staff)
Damage: 12 - 24
Muscle Required: 45
Selling Price: 125 Meat.

Mysticality +7
Spell Damage +7

(In-game plural: linoleum staves)
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Item number: 379
Description ID: 166398828
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Club.gif linoleum ore dense meat stack  
Club.gif linoleum meat stack bigger stick
Equals.gif linoleum staff




  • The phrase "long, hard, and smells like linoleum" is a reference to the old joke "What's long, hard, and full of seamen?" (A submarine.)

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