Loaded serum blowgun

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loaded serum blowgun
loaded serum blowgun

This blowgun contains a dart coated in Ofuxxor™ serum. Are you plagued by gray chat? Is your text getting lighter and lighter? Do you cough more than you hic? Ofuxxor™ can help. Ask your doctor about Ofuxxor™ today!

Ofuxxor™ may cause missing limbs, lack of marmosets, and overall malaise. Pregnant women, or men who are impregnated with alien embryos, should not take Ofuxxor.

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: loaded serum blowguns)
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Item number: 1347
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Doc Galaktik's Medicine Show (with a zombie pineal gland)

When Used

  • When used on self:
You shoot yourself in the <skull> with the blowgun. Ow! This makes you feel... better.
Blowgun.gifYou acquire an item: empty blowgun
Now what in the heck are you going to do with this?
  • When used on another player:
  • Shooter sees:
You sneak up on [player], aim, and fire! Direct hit to the <calf>! You hear a satisfying "OWWW!" come out of [player] as you stealthily slink away.
Blowgun.gifYou acquire an item: empty blowgun
Now what in the heck are you going to do with this?
  • Target sees:
You have been shot in the <solar plexus> with a blowgun by [player]. Ow! This makes you feel... better.
  • When used after the end of the Gray Plague:
The Gray Plague is long gone, so there's no need to use this.


  • Cured and immunized characters affected by the Gray Plague. Persons who had never been infected did not need immunization at the time this cure became available.
  • Players tend to be divided regarding the etiquette on shooting one another with the blowgun. There were many who, for some reason or other, did not want to be cured of their terrible affliction, among them those who wanted to become zombies, while there were many more who felt that desire was inconsistent with how they should be perceiving a dire, life-threatening disease. Many others just wanted to help save the Kingdom from a terrible future. In the end, Jick said, definitively, that no one would have become a zombie because the staff did not write that possibility into the event, as it was never intended to happen.
  • There is no change in message during a Zombie Master run.


  • The disclaimer noting that "Men impregnated with alien embryos should not take Ofuxxor" is in reference to the Alien movies (where said aliens deposit embryos in a living host to mature into an adult xenomorph).
  • The name of the medication contained in the blowgun, Ofuxxor™, is a combination of the anti-depressant "Effexor XR" and a 'leet-speak' spelling of the phrase "oh, fuck".


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