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The current formula does not give any bonus to Mysticality for calculations.

MP can stand for one of three things, based on a player's class:

In all cases, though, MP are used for casting skills.

The amount of MP characters have is directly based on how much Mysticality they have, although Mysticality classes inherently have a +50% bonus to MP.

A moxie magnet or a pair of Travoltan trousers can change the calculation of MP from being based on Mysticality to Moxie.

See MP Modifiers for details as to how you can increase your maximum MP.

See Skill MP Cost Modifiers for details on how you can reduce the MP cost of skills.

MP is regained at rollover and by resting or relaxing in your campsite, consuming various items, or with the aid of your familiar. See MP Restorers for full details as to how MP can be restored. See MP Regeneration for full details as to how MP can be passively regenerated as you adventure.



  • Your MP ceiling is affected by several effects and skills. The calculations, however, were changed on 25 Jan 2012, and many bonuses that used to be multiplicative are now additive. Furthermore, all percentage bonuses DO NOT multiply flat bonuses to MP, as they used to do.
  • The calculation now works as follows:

MP = (Absolute MP boosts) + (Multiplier) * (Buffed Mysticality)?


  • Prior to January 25th, 2012 - Your maximum MP is determined from several factors:
Max MP =
  S +
        I x CEILING(
           G x FLOOR(
              W × (FLOOR(M × C) + P)


Notice the use of the MAXIMUM function, it means that if your buffed Myst is less than your unbuffed Myst, e.g. when Beaten Up or Confused, MP will be calculated using your unbuffed Myst.

Note that a moxie magnet can reduce your MP but Travoltan trousers cannot.

In practice, if your Mysticality is not suffering from a net negative effect, your MP ceiling can be approximated using:

Max MP ≈ GIW(CM + P) + S

So players trying to maximize their MP are best off wearing an outfit with the largest value of

C × EquipmentMysticalityBuff + EquipmentMPBuff