Macho, Macho Dog

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Macho, Macho Dog

Macho, Macho Dog

Oh yeah. You're a million percent, yeah. That's better than a hundred percent!

+50% Damage vs. Bugbears
+50% Damage vs. Werewolves
Muscle +50%
+10% chance of Critical Hit

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Effect number: 1291
Description ID: 2f5f13814f9198966e689bfe93098a5b
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Obtained From


  • The item name is a reference to the lyrics of the Village People's "Macho Man".
  • "I say I'm a million percent. That is better than a hundred percent!" is a Randy Savage quote from the 1995 World War 3.


  • When this effect was first added, the first effect said:
att: bugbearbonus operator: += rpnstring: '50' num: 50
  • This was fixed sometime within two days of release.
  • Prior to the September 24, 2013 update, this item gave +50 Damage vs. Bugbears and +50 Damage vs. Werewolves in addition to the others.

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