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Meat.gifYou gain 20,560 Meat.

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CDMoyer: In that it'll be more obvious that the prediction happens before the banish, so that the banish won't apply, yes. ;)
CDMoyer: Ok, to make it more accurate, you will now see your prediction at the beginning of combat, since the prediction doesn't take into account what you do in combat. It's a weird time/space continuum...
CDMoyer: Just a heads up, adventuring somewhere and not spending a turn shouldn't reset the prediction. (ie. that's a bug that'll get fixed in the next day or so) so don't fall in love with that trick. ;)
CDMoyer: To be fair, it would have been a day earlier, except there was a math failure. ;)
Hotstuff: Tomorrow at rollover is the plan!

Today's Featured Article:

Fortune Cookie

In the Kingdom of Loathing, fortune cookies provide in-game clues and advice, but the lucky numbers won't win you the lottery; they'll give you something better! They tell you when a Semi-Rare Adventure is coming. These harder-to-come-by adventures normally occur about every 160-200 adventures (or more often, for some people), and can yield a variety of useful items - ranging from good eats to jewelry to eyedrops.

VIPs don't need to sully themselves with fortune cookies - they can enjoy fancy robot food and retro booze to alter their destiny.

See this table of Semi-Rare Adventure items and their locations, and start planning!

Today in KoL History:

2009: The hidden +Noncombat Chance on the Yendorian Finery outfit has been removed.

2009: The much-maligned, super-secret hidden interaction between +Monster Level and +Noncombat Chance has been removed.

2007: There is now an option in the Account Menu which will put HP restoring items in the dropdown on the skills page and the quick skills dialog, for those of you who are inclined to want them there.

2007: Fixed a glitch with the tropical paperweight and deck of cards.

2006: There is now a message explaining the loss of ascension records in one's ascension history page if you lost records in the Great Time Catastrophe.

2006: The right click menu feature has been extended to work in several non-chat places (Hall of Records, KMail, bet archive, clan rosters.)

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