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Meat.gifYou gain 20,659 Meat.

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CDMoyer: In that it'll be more obvious that the prediction happens before the banish, so that the banish won't apply, yes. ;)
CDMoyer: Ok, to make it more accurate, you will now see your prediction at the beginning of combat, since the prediction doesn't take into account what you do in combat. It's a weird time/space continuum...
CDMoyer: Just a heads up, adventuring somewhere and not spending a turn shouldn't reset the prediction. (ie. that's a bug that'll get fixed in the next day or so) so don't fall in love with that trick. ;)
CDMoyer: To be fair, it would have been a day earlier, except there was a math failure. ;)

Today's Featured Article:

Archie "Chicken Sandwich" O'Sullivan, the Vicsount of Everywhere

Inexperienced adventurers generally pay very little regard to the nomads, vagabonds, call them what you will, that they encounter early in their career. Little do they know, lurking beneath their Clan Basement, just past the sewers, are thousands upon thousands of hobos, living in a place they call Hobopolis.

Once there, a local guide can show you the sights. You can meet the inhabitants, go shopping, see a concert, enjoy local landmarks, learn how to yodel, investigate the Kingdom's waste management systems, pay your respects to the dearly departed, get hooked up, stand in line at the city's hottest club, and even meet the mayor.

Make sure you have all the elements of your trip planned out before you go. A long trip will let you bring home plenty of souvenirs, and maybe even a new companion, but a short trip can still be extremely rewarding. Bring some friends along with you - they can get you there faster, and once there, you can all party together!

Read more at Hobopolis.

Today in KoL History:

2006: The Half a Cannon is being dismantled. Only One Quarter of a Cannon remains.

2005: The Knob sausage and bat wing stir-fry recipes have been altered. Their base stir-fry ingredients have been switched.

2005: The Meat drop bonus on the Incredibly Dense Meat Gem was raised to 25.

2005: The damage done by the elemental rooms in the Daily Dungeon is now calculated correctly. It was calculated incorrectly before. In case you were wondering.

2005: Having a pagoda at your campsite will now give you 3 extra Adventures per day. Yay, Pagoda!

2004: Over the course of today/tonight I'll be migrating stuff to the shiny new second server. There might be some weirdness with images, and there will very likely be an hour or so of downtime while I move game data over.

2004: The transition to the new database server seems to have gone pretty smoothly. 500 simultaneous players tonight, and nary a connection error in sight. Again, my thanks go out to everyone who has donated, and made these perpetually necessary upgrades possible.

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