Makeshift skirt

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makeshift skirt
makeshift skirt

This is a skirt (or a kilt) made of soft absorbent terrycloth. Well, okay, really it's just a towel. But you can wrap it around your waist, and then it'll be a skirt (or a kilt).

Wearing this makes it really easy to move your legs around, and the breeze is quite refreshing!

Type: pants
Power: 100
Moxie Required: 35
Outfit: Terrycloth Tackle
  (3 items)

Selling Price: 1000 Meat.

Combat Initiative +15%

(In-game plural: makeshift skirts)
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Item number: 2081
Description ID: 752465171
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Obtained From

Fold a makeshift cape

When Folded

You hurriedly fold up the towel.
Crane2.gifYou acquire an item: makeshift crane


  • "Folding" this item does not consume an adventure.
  • This series of items is obtained by folding a towel.

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